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Bhakti  Yoga

Remembering You  6

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We are in quality one with You,

 the Eternal Self of all. It is to You

 alone that we offer all  all praise 

and thanksgiving.  It is through 

these spiritual practices that we are

 reawakening to union with You.


We settle unedifying thoughts 

out of our consciousness by always

 thinking of You.  Gradually, we 

comprehend and experience the fact 

   that You are pervading and 

transcending this body, consciousness,

 awareness, and intellect.  You are pure 

   spirit, the Light of Divine Intelligence,

 never created nor destroyed.


You are the Immeasurable. Upon very

 critical examination of the material, 

mental, intellectual, egoistic, and 

spiritual worlds, we find that only 

You have permanent existence.

 endure.  All else is temporary.


We remember You as existing before 

the beginning, during the temporary

 middle, and after the end of all transitory

  manifestations. Nothing exists, except for

You. We save ourselves to the degree we

 know and treasure You, the Source, the

 Self of all selves, the standard by 

which all is measured.


Thank You for teaching us to live as

 spirit, and to serve You in spirit and 

in Truth. This is our spiritual rebirth.

 It is done by seeing the self, not as a 

    body, race, creed, caste, color, religion, 

  or species of life, but seeing the self as

 energy, spirit, the Light of Divine 

Intelligence looking out through all



 Seeing the Self as Spirit rather than flesh

  is our born again process.  Gradually, we

 stop seeing the self as a body, mind,

 intellect, or ego, but as the Most Subtle,

 Higher, Divine Intelligence. 


Pervading and transcending the body,

consciousness, awareness, and intellect.

and ego is this Divine Intelligence. We

must be born again, live as Spirit rather

than flesh, if we would experience the

Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.  This

is the Light of Divine Intelligence, our

 original inner, outer, and

 transcendental nature.


As Divine Intelligence, We are constantly 

calling out Your Names, and offering You

 everything. This is our method of 

awakening and joining consciously with



Through You, the Supreme Self within 

and beyond all, we have. more edifying 

relationships with other living beings in

 and beyond our the universe. Living life

 in this way is spiritual evolution, 

enlightened, nonviolent revolution.


When we change the way we see the

 Self, we change the way we look at the

 world. When we change the way we

conceive or see the world, the world,

 for us, changes.


Moreover, we are ever more conscious

of the "Sound"and the "Sight" of

Your Silence and Space when we 

change the way we see the Self. This, 

to us, is Service/offering to You and 

Meditation on You.


Association with You through calling

out Your name, offering You everything,

hearing about You, speaking about You

meditating on You, and seeing You

 everywhere, we are fixing our 

intelligence on You.  Gradually, we

are coming back to conscious 

 union with You. 


Seeing the Self as spirit looking out

through the Pineal gland is complete

change, revolutionary change. From

   the materialistic concept of life,

looking out from a body as an ego, 

to the spiritualistic reality of life, 

seeing the Self as Spirit, is truly



When we change the way we see the Self,

we change the way we see the world.

When we change the way we see the

world, the world we see changes.


This change of concept of life from

material to spiritual makes a new

living being, a better being, a spiritual

being with a new and more congenial

relationship with You and others. This

 is the way we love our neighbor as our 

Self, knowing, my brother is my

 neighbor, is my Self.


We think of You, we concentrate on You,

we meditate on You as this Selfless,

Immortal, Omnipresent Reality, the Seer

of Silence and Space in and beyond



We remember You as the Knower of all

levels of consciousness, the Source of

all consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence. This Source is You; our

Supreme Being the Source of ItSelf,

existing within ItSelf.


Our aim is to serve You with all our

thoughts feelings, willings, and doings.

This is one of the methods we are using

to always think of You. In this way

we are reawakening to conscious union

with You.