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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



Thursday 02/25/2021

Bhakti Yoga

Remembering You 5

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


The solution hinges on seeing the self as

spirit or energy, free from color, race, or any

sort of designation. From this spiritual

platform, we engage in remembering You.

Gradually, we begin to experience Your

Loving Omnipresence.


This state is also known as the Light of

Eternal, Divine Intelligence. It suffuses and

overflows Pure Consciousness, Awareness, and



The ever well wisher of the Totality of all

Intelligence, the Light of Divine Intelligence

encompasses, pervades, and transcends all.


We remember You as a return to our original

wholeness, courageousness, and Infinite

calmness. We call this state of Ultimate Reality,

the Light of Divine Intelligence.


We remember You as the One Light of Divine

Intelligence who pervades and transcends all

forms, shapes, and attributes.


You are here now, watching and hearing this. The

place we are looking and hearing from is behind

the eyes, from the center of the head, at the

Pineal gland.  

from its identification with the body, mind, intelligence, and



Awareness' original position is spiritual and eternal union

with You, who are the source of the consciousness which flows

through the Pineal gland, and which we, in our ignorance,

identify as the body, mind, intellect, or the ego.


The purification process begins with separating spiritually,

intellectually, mentally, and physically from the material

world. The beginning of this separating process is changing

the way we see the self, identifying as awareness or the

spiritual observer looking out through the Pineal gland,

thence the temporary material body.


However, From where You are looking from, even this can

absorb into insignificance, into the Triple Shining Blackness,

and that can dissolve into Nothing. Nevertheless, You

remain eternally the same, changeless, Infinitely Pure Awareness,

of all, including the awareness of where You are looking from. You

are the One and only reality of all.


We think You who pervade and transcend all

forms, shapes, and attributes are here; watching this, right

now. The place we are looking from is the place from which

we are seeing this, from behind the closed or opened eyes,

at the middle of the brain, from the Pineal Gland.


In order to reconstruct our self identity, we must

deconstruct our false self identity as body, mind, intellect, or

ego. We are not the body, mind, intellect, or ego trying to

have a spiritual experience. We are the Soul, remembering

You so as to come out of the illusion that the Self is merely

a body, mind, intellect, or ego.


You are Supreme Awareness, of this True Peace, within and

beyond all. We experience this Eternal Omnipresent Peace,

one of Your attributes, the more we meditate on You as

the Silence and the Awareness of the Witnessing of Silence.  


We think of You as pervading all cultures, nationalities, and

every species of life. This spiritual practice of fixing the

consciousness on You definitely transcends all differences

and purifies the consciousness.


Submission of all we think, feel, will, and do to You, is one

of the tools we use to fix the consciousness on You and purify

it. By degrees we experience our life coming back

to order, meaning, and purpose.


Submission of all we think, feel, will, say, and do, to You,

purifies, subdues, and brings the mind under our control and

makes it our true friend.


As the consciousness and the mind within it are purified, we

are empowered to turn from our wicked ways. This gives us

the intelligence and power to stop making bad Karma

for ourselves. 


Ceasing bad Karma while offering all to You, we remember

You. By degrees, we enter, right now, Your Eternal, Spiritual

Kingdom of Truth, righteousness, Love, and Peace.


Thank You for giving us the wisdom to continue submitting

all we think, feel, will, say and do to You. This spiritual

practice purifies the mind and consciousness and keeps us on

the right path to reach You, here, now, in this present



We think of You as the Source of the all realms of being, the

only reality. We think of You as the Eternal, Omnipresent,

Peace, in union with whom the gods find rest. You endure.


The temporary world of illusion will cease tricking,

confusing, and frustrating us, to the degree we, by always

thinking of You, experience our fullness, everlasting joy,

fulfillment, freedom, and Peace Divine.


We think of You as the Supreme Source of all purity and

strength. Thank You for showing us a path, out of the

internal and external delusions and illusions, to the

contentment of our Everlasting Transformative Love. This, to

us, is the way to live totally, consciously, in eternal life again.


Upon very critical examination of the material, mental,

intellectual, and egoistic worlds, we declare that only

You have permanent existence.
 You endure.  


We meditate on You as Supreme Spirit, the One who moves not,

yet within whom all movement moves. You, are within and

without all, including the subatomic particles and all vibratory

phenomena. We think of You as the only reality because You

never cease existing; everything else has no endurance.


Therefore, in the finally analysis, one sees that other than You, all

is illusion. Its seeming existence is temporary. It does not endure.

Because of this non-permanent nature, we say it is not real.


The Pineal Gland and Consciousness are cleansed as a

consequence of Your association. This primary association

consists of always thinking of You.


We see that the true self, the Supreme Love, Total

Awareness, is flowing through the Pineal gland; from here,

and according to the cleanliness of the Pineal Gland,

it radiates energy, creativity, and intelligence through the

material body and throughout all of the elements

and vibrations of which body, mind, intelligence, ego, and

energy are composed. 


Thank You for revealing to us how to always think of You.

Additionally, thank You for accepting this humble offering.

Thank You for helping us make sense of it all. Thank You

for helping us return to Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace


We think of You as existing before the beginning, during the

temporary middle, and after the end of

all transitory manifestations. Nothing exists, except for You.

We can save ourselves to the degree we know and treasure

You, the source of the Self of all selves.


The power of Knowledge of Self, real freedom, has its origin

in You. We meditate as the Supreme Witness the personal,

impersonal, transpersonal, and all else.


Thank You for showing us how to transcend the

dualities of singular and plural, he, she, us, them, up, down,

etc., etc., and to experience the Self as Spirit. This is true,

Freedom, liberation beyond all designations.