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Bhakti Yoga

Remembering You  5

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


The solution is grounded on seeing the self as

spirit or energy, free from color, race, or any

sort of designation. From this spiritual

platform, we engage in remembering You.

Gradually, we begin to experience Your

Loving Omnipresence.


This state of experiencing Your Divine 

Omniscience is also known as the 

experience of the Light of Eternal, 

Divine Intelligence. It suffuses and

overflows Pure Consciousness, 

Awareness, and Intelligence.  Your 

   Association affords us the opportunity

 of  experiencing this Wonder of You.


The purification process of  Your 

association  begins with separating 

spiritually,  and physically from the 

material world. The beginning of this 

separating  process is changing the way

 we see the self, identifying as the eternal

  spiritual observer looking out through 

the  temporary material  body.


From where You are looking from, this

 material body, and all else except You,

absorbs into insignificance, into the Triple 

Shining Blackness, or Brightness of space.

Nevertheless, You remain the same,

 Changeless, Infinitely Pure Intelligence

of all, including the awareness of 

where You are looking from, and space. 

You are the One and only reality, inside

 and outside of  Time and Space.


We are remembering You as the All

 Pervasive One, transcending forms, 

shapes, and attributes; You are here, 

watching this, now. The place we are 

looking from, behind the closed or 

opened eyes, at the middle of the brain,

 is the Pineal Gland. 


We are remembering that You are 

watching from Infinity, within and 

beyond this Pineal Gland, and all the 

energy and intelligence that is flowing

 through It. We are seeing that the 

True Self, this Light of Divine 

   Intelligence, is  flowing through the 

     Pineal Gland, according to how well

we are aligned with You. 


Through the Pineal Gland, You radiate

energy, creativity, and intelligence

through the material body and all of

the energy, frequencies and vibrations

of which body, consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence, are



In order to reconstruct, reawaken to our

True Self identity, in Complete 

  Harmony with You, we are remembering

 You by chanting Your Names and 

offering You everything.  This spiritual

 practice is deconstructing our false self

 identity as body, mind, intellect, or ego.


We are remembering that we are not

the body, mind, intellect, or ego trying

to have a spiritual experience.

We are the Soul, remembering You

awakening and coming out of the

illusion that the Self is a body, mind,

intellect, ego, consciousness, awareness,

or intellect.


We are remembering You as the Ever

Well Wisher, the Everlasting Light of

Divine Intelligence, encompassing,

pervading and transcending the 

Totality of all existence.


We are remembering You as we return

to our original courageousness,

wholeness, and Infinite calmness.

We are identifying this state of Ultimate

Reality, as Supreme Being, or the Light

of Divine Intelligence.


You are our True Friend and Greater Self. 

 Submission of all we think, feel, will, say,

 and do, to You, helps us associate with You.

  This purifies, subdues, and brings the 

consciousness, awareness, and intellect

 into ever greater alignment with You.


We remember You as the Source of the 

all realms of being, the only reality.

 We remember You as the Eternal,

 Omnipresent, Peace, in whom the

 gods find rest. 


 Even the gods are temporary, unreal. 

 They along with the ancestors, do not

 exist.  You are the Source of the gods

 and ancestors.  You endure, You never

   stop existing.  Therefore, for us, with all

 respect for the gods, and the ancestors, 

You are the only reality, the only One

 worthy of worship.  All else is 



The temporary world of illusion is losing

its power over us and is less able to trick,

confuse, and frustrate us, because we are

increasingly always thinking of You,

becoming devoted to You, and

worshiping You.


As a consequence, of thinking of You,

remembering You, and associating

with You, we are experiencing more

intelligence, inner and outer joy,

fulfillment, freedom, and

indestructible, undisturbable,

Omnipresent Peace.  


We Remember You as Supreme Spirit, the

One who moves not, yet within whom

all movement occurs. You, are within and

without all, including the subatomic

particles and all vibratory phenomena,

and the spaces between them.


We remember You as the only reality 

because You never cease existing;

 anything else has no endurance. 

Other than You, all is illusion. Its 

existence is temporary. It does not

 endure.  Because of this fact, we say 

it is not real. It does not exist. You

 are the only Reality, the only True