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Bhakti Yoga

Remembering You 3

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


we remember You as our Most Pure, Divine,

state of being, more subtle than air and either.

Remembering You awakens us to the way of

truly helping ourselves.


We remember You as the Most Righteous,

the Most High Self, beyond the consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence. You are the

Witness of all.


There can never be and image of You.

Nonetheless, Your Omnipresence is Pure,

and Present everywhere.


We remember You as that within which

images, idols, space and silence exist. They

are within You. You are not within them.


We remember You as in and beyond

everything and time. They are within

You, but they cannot contain You.


We remember You as our Supreme

Intelligence empowering us to live, love,

and thrive. By remembering You, we are

returning to You, our Divine Source. 


Seeing the Self as the Divine Light of

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence, is

freeing us of the suffering of identifying the

Self as a material designation.


A material designation is the ignorance of

identifying the Self as a material body.

Freedom from that toxic identification of

the Self helps us attain union with You.


Seeing the Self as the Light of Divine

Intelligence, pervading and transcending

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence,

empowers us to free ourselves from the

sufferings of Maya.


This Light of Divine Intelligence is Soft Bright

Luminous Radiance. The glow around the Sun

at early morning sunrise is similar in beauty,

though Your beauty is beyond our ability to

more elaborately articulate at this moment.


You portray Yourself and are within the various

elements glowing around the purity of the early

morning Sun. All powers, currents, generations,

and forces, seem to have their origin in You.


Forms, names, personalities, personal and

impersonal manifestations, have their

origin in Your Omniscience, Omnipresence,



We remember You as the Supreme, Omni-

pervasive Light of Lights. You are within,

nevertheless beyond, all limits of time, space,

and circumstances, cause, and effects.


We remember You as the pervader of

Silence, Space, and all Elements. However,

simultaneously, You are beyond all as the

Ever Free, Witness of witnessing ad



Remembering You purifies the consciousness

by filling it with thoughts of You, the Most

Pure One. Gradually, our consciousness,

awareness and intelligence align and combine

with You.


We unfold the innermost quintessence of our

Supreme Being, our Most Virtuous Self, by

remembering You. We remember You as the

Divine Light within and beyond the

intelligence of all.


Remembering You in the Light of Your

Omnipresence, within and beyond Space

and Silence, we are submitting all we

think, feel, will, say and do to You.


Our spiritual practice is a process of

striving to remember You. This is the way we

are purifying and expanding our Being back

into union with You.


We are consciously reuniting with You. We

remember You as Supreme Being of all being,

within and beyond shape, Sound, vibration,

frequencies, all fields of energy, and the



Gradually, the more we fill our consciousness

with remembrance of You, we are able to

experience nothing other than the natural

Peace, Stillness, and Awareness of You, the

Light of Divine Intelligence.