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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Bhakti Yoga

Remembering You 18

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We think of You as the Supreme Awareness of the knower,

knowledge, and known. This increasingly beautiful and

blissful, most natural state of consciousness is free from the

apprehension of birth, disease, old-age, and death. It is

spiritual evolution, enlightened transformation of



There is so much to thank and praise You for: We thank and

praise You for the air, the land, the water, the birds, the bees;

the trees, and all the vegetation. Thank You for a fit body

and mind. Thank You for the ability to remember

You increasingly. 


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on

You, by calling out Your name and offering You everything.

In this way, Your association purifies our consciousness, and

we are able to see other and better ways to associate with



Un-originate One, Your reign of power and glory pervades

heaven and the entire universe. You are beyond past, present,

and future, within and far beyond the illusion of space and

time. Thank You for helping us to remember You



Surely, our trust, visions, plans, and securities are in You.

Our identity is in quality one with You. Our culture has only

You, the Origin of all Excellence, as its Foundation, its Center-

Point, its Nourisher, and its Goal.


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You

as the Best Renewer, and the Everlasting Reviver. You are

Exceedingly Beautiful,Most Perfect Silence, the Complete

Harmony within us, and the Perfection all around us.


We think of You as the Purest Intelligence, the Source of the

power of the powerful, and the Cause of all causes. In addition,

we think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You as

within and beyond the circle and the square, within and beyond

all degrees, within and outside of time and space.


Certainly, keeping the mind fixed on You is producing for us

ever greater purity of consciousness. This is the power that

is bringing us back into Divine Consciousness, Supreme



It is easy to see that growth back into our Divine

Consciousness, the only growth that is real, depends on

our remembrance of You. We remember You as our Most

Beautiful Being, within and beyond name, form, and



We think of You as the source of the goodness, mercy, and

love that are present throughout every positive vibration in

the creation. Thank You for helping us to experience You, to

know our self, and to live in Your Loving Omnipresence.


We are living in the manner mentioned above because we are

being blessed with the sacred privilege of always thinking of

You while we go about doing what we have to do. This

spiritual practice keeps negative thoughts from disturbing

and contaminating our natural peace of consciousness.


It is through remembrance of You that our consciousness is

purified, and we experience true freedom. This is

identification and experience of the self and You

simultaneously as Eternal energy, Consciousness, or



Thank You for bringing us together, unifying us, in a very

practical, very constructive way. Thus, with enlightened

intelligence, we clean and build our community while we

work out our own salvation with diligence.


Additionally, freedom means we experience more compassion

instead of anger, more love instead of lust, more charity

instead of greed. Gradually, we transcend even that and

experience evermore, tranquil freedom and satisfaction.


This is the bliss of the Real Self, the One, the Witness that

never changes. We think of You, we concentrate on You, we

meditate on You and who is always here as the Most present,

the Most Subtle, and the Most sagacious. 


In this self purification process of always remembering You,

we regain our internal strength, our integrity, stability, all

our other virtues, and our everlasting love for all. This

happens to us because of our association with You, the

Paragon of Virtue and Righteous Strength.


It is Your association and Divine influence that uplifts

and restores us to original Consciousness. You are our

original, Eternal, Omnipresent, Love, the Real,

ego-less, "Self", within and beyond all things, and no

thing. You are the Most Subtle, nothing itself is

within You, yet it is never beyond You who are Infinite

and always everywhere.


We think of You as the Highest Ranking, Most Deserving of

Respect of all the gods and lords throughout the universe.

We think of You as Supreme Awareness within and beyond

all beings, You are here before the beginning, during the

middle, and it is You who permeates and surpasses all ends.


We think of You alone as our common goal, mutual

theme, ultimate purpose, and the enduring meaning to our

life. Birth, disease, old-age, and death have no power over

You. Surely, You are the only One worthy of worship.