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Bhakti Yoga

Remembering You 14

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


By thinking of You, concentrating on You, and meditating on

You our consciousness and environment are coming back to

life, becoming clean and pure again. We are coming back to

our original life of Everlasting, Omnipresent, Ecstatic, Bliss

and Abundance.


Thank You for telling us to always think of You. It is in

always thinking of You that we are rising from spiritual,

intellectually, mental, and more or less, physical death, to

everlasting, more abundant, life on all levels of existence.


The beginning, middle, and end of the cosmic manifestation,

silence, and all space, rest in You. Thank You for bringing

more light to our traditional beliefs by inspiring us to get up

and do the best for ourselves. The beginning of doing for self

is to search deeper and more critically for the truth of who

we really are.


We meditate on You as this Supreme, Eternal, Most Subtle

Power Force pervading and transcending all interior and

exterior worlds. Our evolution up through the different

stages of our spiritual transformation depends on our

remembrance of You, the Substratum of all beings. 


Through association with You, our vibration, also known as

the electromagnetic field or Aura, purifies and harmonizes

with You, the Source of the Most Positive and Pure

vibrations in and beyond the universe.


Thus it is that our vibrations, without a word spoken

orally, contribute to the propagation of clean, positive,

healing vibrations throughout our ego, intellect, mind, body,

our immediate environment and our universe at large.  


Thank You for helping us re-aquire our long forgottened

spiritual awareness, clean consciousness and rational mind.

This state of consciousness helps us remember You and rise

out of the spiritual poverty and suffering of Maya.


Thank You for encouraging us to see the self as

consciousness, energy, awareness, or spirit. Thank You for

teaching us how to think carefully and critically, with an open

and flexible mind.


As resuscitation of consciousness occurs, we regain true love

for You, ourselves, and others. At this point, we are regaining

real freedom, our total, original, endless spirituality,

overflowing with comprehension and bliss.


In the process of purifying the self by always thinking of You,

the Source of all spirituality and moral uplift, we gradually

realize Your Omnipresence. Beginning with our own lower

consciousness, we reawaken, restoring our Divine

Consciousness, that from which we were seemingly divorced.


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on you

as our sole refuge, strength, and inspiration. We know

we have nowhere else to turn for succor other than to You.


The Source of our great spirituality has You as its Generating

Principle. Your Righteousness is Everlasting, Omnipresent,

and available to help us in this moment, this second, this

instant. Thank You for helping us remember to do all as

submission to You.


All praise to You, Sustainer of the space in which the cosmic

manifestations have their beginning, maintenance and

annihilation. Thank You for helping us to serve You. Thus,

we clean our consciousness, our intellect, our mind.


As a result of this top down cleansing, we are able to

look through consciousness as Awareness, reawakening

evermore to You as our Most Perfect Center Point,

our Grand Uniter. Consequently, our environment and

everything we come into contact with is cleansed and

developed for the greatest benefit of all.  


We meditate on You as the Most Invincible, Infinite Ocean of

unconditioned Love. Thank You for helping us understand and

experience the fact that Justice is Your law of Karma;

The greatest Freedom and True equality is union with.


We think of You, we concentrate of You, we meditate on You,

as the source of centeredness, balance, love, fortitude, and

Infinite joy. Thank You for helping us understand how we

can use everything to help us remember You. By

remembering You, we move ever closer to You, and we live an

increasingly abundant and evermore fulfilling life.


All praise to You who are pervading and beyond the most

subtle of pure, healing, vibrations. You are the Foremost

Witness, within and beyond Infinite stillness of Being.


Our action plan for everything we will ever need, here and

here and after, is to always think of You, concentrate on You

and to meditate on You as the Silence and Its Prime and

Ultimate Awareness.