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Bhakti Yoga

Love 8

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


The most important sacrifice we can make is simply fixing

our mind on You, the Source of our inner strength.

Consequently, we better understand who we are and what we

must continue to do to vouchsafe our liberation from the

clutches of Your illusory energy, Maya. 


According to our research, observation and experience, You are

the Supreme Self of all. Thank You for teaching us how to clean

our consciousness, and be free from selfishness and greed. Thus,

our respect for all Sentient Beings' right to Freedom, Justice,

Equality, Prosperity, Security, and Peace, continues to grow ever



According to our research, experience, and knowledge, we

are the soul, and You are the Supreme Soul in and beyond all

bodies, Synagogues, Churches, Mosques, Temples, and Skies.


To the degree our consciousness is purified by fixing our awareness

on You, we experience Your Omnipresence. This is supported by

undeniable researched knowledge and experience. When one has

this, one knows that Your Reality is truly present everywhere at

all times.  


We know You as You as Eternal Pure Awareness, more

subtle than the subtlest energy, overflowing with Supreme

Love, Comprehension, and Ecstatic, Vibratory Bliss.


Remembering and adoring You, and You alone, we

rise from Maya, repairing ourselves simultaneously,

internally and externally. Constant, loving, remembrance

of You is reviving us, resurrecting us, rewakening us to our

Original Glory, Divine Consciousness, Intelligence, and



Society is degraded or elevated by the quality of thoughts

that are fed into its consciousness. We think of You as the

One Source of the Loving power which animates the

thinking, feeling, willing and doing all sentient beings. 


Our sources verify what we all would know from research,

study, observation, experience, and reflection: You are

the Unconditional Love, within and beyond all dualities,

personalities, genders, castes, creeds, colors, nationalities,

universalities, and deities.


Within and beyond non- luminous and luminous, day and

night, wrong and right, You are calmly and dispassionately

listening and observing everything, everywhere, including

this reading of Your praise, and the experience of Silence.

You are even observing You observing You as Awareness

of Awareness ad infinitum. Of the great loves, whether

small or large, You, and only You, are the Greatest.


The cleaner our consciousness, because of association with You,

the greater our attraction of positive, edifying, loving thoughts.

Consequently, the greater our manifestation of edifying and

Divine, thinking feeling, willing, and doing.


Transformation of consciousness at its very foundation, changing

it from material to spiritual, is real revolution, a 180 degree

foundational change. Lower consciousness sobers up to Divine

Love, Pure Consciousness, its original constitutional position.


This return to our original position is true emancipation. It is

the return to forever, the return to Eternal Love, the only Love

there is. This is true spiritual liberation from the bottomless pit,

the bondage of Maya. Our original condition, our True

Emancipation is the Eternal, Blissful Freedom of Everlasting,

Omnipresent, Peace.


You, our Supreme Spirit and Love, are eternal, ineffable

and can be experienced as the Pineal gland and

consciousness are purified as a consequence of us always

thinking of You. Thank You for helping us regain our self-

knowledge, self-respect, dignity, and self-confidence.


Also known as Supreme Soul, and Divine Reality, You are

eternally Omnipresent and Omnipotent. Moreover, known

as the Greatest Knower, You are the Best Planner, and the

Source of Pure Love. Surely, You are the One Supreme

Awareness, beyond personal and impersonal, who pervades

and transcends the illusions of time, space, solidity, and