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Bhakti Yoga

Love 3

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Surely, You are this One, the Eternal, Changeless One, who is

and lives as our Eternal Spirit, the Supreme Being of all,

throughout the universe and beyond. Inspired by You, it is to

You alone we bring these humble offerings of praise and

thanks giving.


This is spiritual revolution, a one hundred and eighty degree

change, from where we were to where we are. We are now

returning to the the infinitude of spiritual existence. We were

totally in the temporary, illusory world of Maya.


We are undergoing a revolution, an evolution

of consciousness. The way we see the self is changing

We are seeing the self ever more as awareness looking

out through the body. As this is happening, we are naturally

seeing everything else in the light of awareness. 


We now see the self looking out as eternal, spirit devoid of all

designations. In this light we see the "Other" looking out of

its material body as eternal spirit also. It is just as free from

all designations as we are as eternal pure energy or force.


May our love and service for You be evermore steadfast,

unselfish, and pure. In this way, may we be totally devoted to

You, the Most Kind, and in so doing may we give our very

best to Ancestors, Mother, Father, Teachers, Siblings,

Children, and Descendants. 


We trust in You. History, our knowledge, observation, and

experience bare witness that You, the Most Ethical, are the Divine

Consciousness of all. Thank You for helping us to see how to return

to You, the One Pure Awareness, beyond good, evil, and neutral states of



You are Love. There is always time for You who exist within

and beyond all concepts of time. The more we cleanse our

consciousness by always thinking of You, the clouds of

illusion are dispelled and we unfold You, the Divinity within



By studying about You, with love and devotion, we fix our mind on You.

The more we remember You, our love and devotion grows. This is our

process of always thinking of You, remembering You, purifying our

consciousness and coming back into Awareness with You.


Thank You for helping us to recognize You in all our prayers, studies, and

sacrifices. Acknowledging You in this way awakens us from the mire and

misery of material self-identification and reestablishes us, consciously, in

Your Infinite Loving Kindness.  


The nectarean antidote of Your association, frees us from anger,

lust, and greed. As this happens, we experience the Escalating,

Most Blissful, Independent and Infinitely Free Awareness, as

attributes our own Supreme Being


Thank You for teaching us how to master the joy of living.

We are doing this by purifying our consciousness through

constant remembrance of You. Thinking of You,

concentrating on You, and submitting to You, are tools

we are employing to bring us back into memory of You

and unity with You the Formless, Genderless, Nameless

One Love, without a second.


Entranced by the illusory presence, the living entity stumbles

around in ignorance and confusion, thinking external sense

gratification is the be all and end all, life's only real purpose.

Thank You for teaching us how to break free from the illusory

presence, Maya, cleanse our Pineal Gland, and look within

our own Loving Awareness for lasting joy and fulfillment.


As the Pineal Gland is purified and the consciousness is

cleansed, by constant remembrance of You, one experiences

the Self, Your Eternal, Bliss permeated Kingdom, free from

ego, intellect, mind, body, and all other designations and

dualities. As this happens, one sees and experiences this Self

as ones natural condition, ones Original Loving Presence.


It is this spiritual practice of remembering You that is cleaning

us as consciousness and liberating us from Maya. Thank You for

helping us to remember You. This is real education. This is Soul

Restoring Loving Education. It helps us awaken, escape from the

bondage of illusion and return to the Omnipresent sanity and

tranquil bliss of the Self, Pure Loving Awareness.