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Raja Yoga

Love 17

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


When we are consciously in You, we are in harmony with

Your will, the way of Peace. Gradually, we can see Your

everlasting beauty all around us. Thus, we rise and free our

consciousness from the muck and mire of the illusory worlds. 


Thank You for helping us restore ourselves us to our original

consciousness of love, compassion, charity, sanity, sobriety,

and goodwill. We think of You as the Source, the Supreme

Being of all.


Thank You for helping us control our mind and other senses

by thinking of You. As a result of thinking of You we are

purifying our consciousness, and liberating ourselves from

the slavery and suffering of material self-identification.

Moreover, our compassion, understanding, and love for all

sentient beings is constantly increasing. 


Only You, can teach us of You. To the degree our consciousness

is purified by remembering You, we can experience Your Omnipresence

and become aware of Your teachings, Your loving guidance.


Having no endurance, things do not exist. For You there is

no cessation. Eternally Pervading and transcending all races,

genders, castes, species of life, vibrations, time and space, You

alone exist, unchanged, forever. 


Gradually, as our consciousness is purified, we experience

the fact that there is no other. There is only You, the

Highest Reality and Greatest Teacher, in various disguises.


Although all are within You and You are within all, all can

never contain You. All loving kindness and all auspiciousness

have their origin within You.  


Thank You for revealing to us the intelligence and importance

of aggressively pursuing Truth, and nothing else. Our quest for

a practical solution for the problems of life brought us to always

thinking of You, this ancient spiritual practice of our most

righteous and enlightened ancestors.  


Although all are one in You, and You are within all, all can

never contain You. The more we reawaken to Your likeness,

through purification of consciousness, the greater our ability

to stand, bold, strong, and responsible, lamenting neither for

the living nor the dead. We know that all are alive because

You live as their Source. 


Thank You for teaching us how to love You and surrender to You.

This way, we are unfolding our clean heart, Divine Vision, and

our spirit of Righteousness and Endless Love for all Sentient



We think of You as the root and ground of attractions, the Supreme

Witness of the comings and goings of all Cosmic Manifestations.

Thank You for being involved in all parts of

our life.


Thank You for encouraging us in this spiritual practice of

prayer, study, and sacrifice to You. As a result of this

spiritual practice we are transcending all dualities and

regaining our natural state of deep stillness, our original

condition of Eternal, Omnipresent Peace.


Verily, You are the Source of our ancient Cultural legacy of

Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace. We think of You as

the Source, within and beyond the frequencies of Silence,

and any other phenomenon.


We think of You as the All Inclusive, Most Dependable One,

the Premier Witness of all, including Its own Being. You are

the Greatest Integrity, the Source of the integrity of all. 


Knowledge of You gives our life meaning and purpose,

and makes it worth living. Truly, You are the only one

worthy of praise, and thanksgiving.


Eternally, You are beyond the cycles of past, present, future,

birth, death, and rebirth. That temporary phenomenon called

the Material World cannot touch You. You are within it and

beyond it simultaneously.


As we manifest our Original Divinity, we naturally

understand the various life situations and, with great

compassion and love, we serve You. Through this devotional

service to You, we render the best, most compassionate,

service for the betterment of everyone, all Sentient Beings.


You are the Eternal, Supreme Being, Pure Energy,

who pervades and transcends all; knowledge and

experience of whom liberates us from the slavery of