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Raja Yoga

Meditation 14

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


The more the consciousness is intoxicated the greater the self-ignorance and hence,

suffering. The more the consciousness is sobered up as a result of Your enlightening

association, the greater is knowledge of, and enjoyment in, the Everlasting,

omninipresent, Peace of Supreme Being.


This Pure Consciousness and the Awareness that observes all

is without objectification. It is knowing without thoughts,

Subject without object. When we are thinking of You, and

purifying our consciousness we are gradually returning to our

Infinity of Pure Awareness. Thank You for helping us think of

You and simultaneously helping us rise out of the wretchedness

of Maya.


From consciousness transformation and development

evolves positive transformation and development in all other

spheres of our life. These are just some of the best benefits

we are regaining by turning back to You.


As we recover our awareness, we are empowered to deal with

life as we find it and live it more abundantly. This to us is the

best purpose of education. It helps us fix our selves by

awakening us back into consciousness of You.


While consciousness and awareness are being

purified via Your association, our life is cleansed of all

vulgar thinking, feeling, willing, and doing. This marks our

return to spiritual and physical, cultivation and strength. We

have returned to the Self.


Many of us know from observation, knowledge, and

experience, that possession of things does not immunize us

against suffering; helps us

understand how to use things of Maya's world to help us

remember You. In the final analysis we see, it all belongs to

You. Pervading and transcending all is You. 


Gradually we return to the Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace of union

with You, the Source of all Self Cultivation, Culture, Cultures, and Divine

Civilizations. This is the Love Supreme.


We alone are responsible for our condition. Other persons,

places, things, or circumstances are simply instruments

through which our own doings, Karma, returns to us.


Everlasting Lasting, Omnipresent Peace is always here. This

is our common birthright, our common heritage. We

meditate on You as Silence and Its Witness. We think of You

as our unity in the vast and varied diversity. You are our

Common, Eternal, Divine Nature of Eternal Love.  


You, Divine Providence and Love, are the All Attractive One. When

we are constantly thinking of You we keep unedifying thoughts out of our

awareness. Gradually we realize our original fulfillment and peace. When

we associate with You and are purified of unedifying thoughts, we can love

You with all our will and might. Then we can love others as we love

ourselves and You.


History, Your revealed scriptures, and our personal experience, attest to the fact that

knowledge of You forever trumps knowledge of everything else. Thank You for helping

us awaken ourselves from material identification to spiritual consciousness. We are

doing this by seeing the Self as Awareness, chanting Your names, and awakening out

of Maya's heaviness, mediocrity, and wretchedness.


We think of You as Supreme Consciousness, the ground of all being. Thank You for

arming us with the comprehension, power, and freedom to inquire about You.


Armed with this power of remembrance of You, we can realize, through knowledge,

observation, and experience, Your Eternal Kingdom. This is the greatest blessing of

Eternal Peace, and it is available in this moment.


Our humble offerings of praise and thanksgiving purifies our consciousness of noisy,

unedifying thoughts. As this quieting purifying process occurs, we naturally return to total

self-awareness, fearlessness, self-knowledge, and respect for self and others.