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Raja Yoga

Meditation 13

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


As our consciousness is purified, we see how to ward off

wicked thoughts. Keeping wicked thoughts out of our

consciousness is crucial if we want to stop the cycles of our

personal suffering.


We keep wicked thoughts out by keeping our consciousness absorbed

with thoughts of You. All of our prayers, studies, meditation and service

are centered in You. When wicked or evil thoughts try to enter our

consciousness, we immediately focus and concentrate on You.


Focusing on You, the Supremely Independent Self, keeps the dreadful

poisons of wicked or evil thoughts out. This is the antidote which keeps

our life out of the delusions of Maya, Your illusory energy.


Thank You for helping us be patient, steadfast, and

determined to clean our consciousness, restore our spiritual

and cultural heritage, and come back to Loving Awareness

with You. 


You are the Source of our latest and Best Ideas. The Point

at which the best answers to our most vexing questions, and

from whence our Divine Solutions Originate is You. Thank

You thousands of times over for Your Unconditional Loving



Knowledge of self as spirit or energy is a very practical,

user centered, real world approach to solving problems.

Those problems are rooted in designation identity as a

material, mental, intellectual, or ego being.


Seeing the Self as Loving Awareness manifesting as Spirit

or Supreme Energy, and living on this basis, is definitely

the solution to the problems we face coming up through



Thank You for showing us how to remember You constantly

and thereby make steady progress in our awakening to Your

Loving Omnipresence. All that we think, feel, will, say and do is

done as submission to You. All is done as offerings to You alone,

and none other.


Thank You Supreme Consciousness, the Infinite Potency of

the universe. You are the Source of unlimited names, infinite

beauty and boundless blessings. Thank you for teaching us

how to fix our mind on You. In the process of fixing the mind

on You, ignorance is destroyed and our spiritual memory is



We think of You as the One, the greatest simplicity. You are

Supreme, the Unselfish Love at the base of all. Surely, You

are the Fountainhead of all consciousness and awareness.


You are the Most Pure. Total self confidence and self-reliance, our natural state of being,

shines forth as our consciousness is purified through association with You. Thank You for

revealing to us the intelligence to always think of You.


We also purify and sober up our lower consciousness through the spiritual development

practice of being ever more consciousness of the "Sound" of Your Silence and the

awareness of Your Stillness, while we are always thinking of



Thank You for revealing this sublime spiritual practice of always thinking of You. To us, it

is a purification rite, a very simple to perform spiritual practice which helps us come

consciously back here to Your Eternal, Loving, Omnipresence.


Constantly, ever increasing our thoughts of You, we attain the real goal of life, union with

You. Our original constitutional position, full of unlimited contentment, and everlasting,

transformative love, is You, our Supreme Being.