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Bhakti Yoga

Love 11

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Identifying You as Infinite, Loving Awareness, and

applying it, we are reclaiming our perfect love, and are

most intelligently attaining our highest values.


We are moving from materialistic consciousness to universal

consciousness, to Divine Consciousness and Awareness. At this

level we are living, evermore, up to our greatest potential:

Eternal, Divine Awareness.


As this reviving and rebuilding of dignity and self-respect

happens through this science of Indigenous Spirituality, we

are changing our perception of our world; transforming

from materialistic consciousness to spiritual consciousness.


Spiritual Consciousness changes our negative thinking

and behavior to the quintessence of positive, Loving Awareness,

thinking and behavior; seeing and behaving in the light of the

Third Eye of compassionate understanding.


Divine Loving Awareness is our profoundest and ultimate

aspiration. It consist of Self-discovery, self-knowledge,

and self- realization, identified as Eternal, Pure

Awareness, pervading and transcending all bodies,

minds, intellects, egos and vibrations throughout the

Cosmic Manifestations.


Divine Loving Awareness is a return

to our original integrity: Complete realization of,

and Eternal Union with, our Ancient, Sovereign, and

Most Sacred Spiritual Awareness. 


We think of You as the One Eternal, Divine, Supreme

Loving Force, pervading and transcending all gender

identities: feminine, masculine, neuter, or otherwise.

You are within and beyond inside and out, insults and

honor, birth and death, forms and formlessness, infamy

and fame. 


Images cannot contain You, yet You contain all images.

Castes, creeds, colors, all enders, religions, likenesses,

birth, death, and rebirth are within You. Simultaneously,

You, the Infinite Love, are within and beyond all.


All are contained within You. You contain all, and You are

within and beyond all. Empty or full, death or life cannot

fully contain, nor in any way control You. Surrounding and

beyond, within and without, above and below, truly You,

Supreme Love, are pervading and transcending all

opposites, dualities and personalities. 


As we awaken through thinking of You and remembering

You as Infinite Love, as pervading and transcending all

explosions and implosions, numbers and zero, macro and



These spiritual practices offered as Our Word help to resuscitate

our lower consciousness from its spiritual comatose state. As this

happens we gradually awaken to our original, now more or less

dormant, spirituality.


Our dedication to serving You, through our work is another one

of our spiritual practices. It is our method of being a true

servant and blessing to all sentient beings. In this way we are

consciously yoking our consciousness with You, the Greatest



We think of You as the freedom that knows no bounds, the

Source of Eternal, Infinite, Peace. Surrendering to You is

the Submission at the center of the spiritual resuscitation

and the resurrection of our lower consciousness from its

inebriated, inelegant, existence back to Its Ever Loving

state of Bliss.


Young plants are given various means of protection for

surviving and thriving by Your laws of material nature.

Our spiritual development is protected, survives, and

thrives by identifying as Loving Awareness and

remembering You.


Thank You for helping us come back to our original Honor,

Respect for Self and Righteousness. Thank You for for

fulfilling our longing for conscious Union with You. Surely

You are this Most Intelligent Love, pervading and

transcending the many and the One.


Other steps in this spiritual purification process are hearing,

chanting, and remembering Your Holy Names, even as we submit

everything to You.


We think of You as the Supreme Order which pervades, encloses

and transcends all chaos. Our Omnipresent One, to whom all is

offered, is You. Constantly remembering You is enabling us to

evermore thrive in Your Tranquil, Loving, Omnipresence.


Actually, our consciousness is cleansed by Your association and we return to You,

our original, Pure and Powerful, State of Supreme Intelligence. We think of You as the

One Most Powerful Spiritual Force within and beyond the universe.


The more we remember You, we are freed from attachments to that which does not exist,

the perceived worlds, and

we are restored to You, our original position of Infinite Love and Peace.