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Bhakti Yoga

Love 1

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We think of You as pure, unconditional, 

selfless Love.  You are in and beyond 

Your vast and variegated bodies, 

costumes, disguises, and levels of

consciousness, awareness, and 



 Your loving presence within all of

 us causes various degrees of 

  expressions of empathy, sympathy, 

and caring for each other. 


Our struggle is to be completely

free of of the selfish material

disease and consciously in loving

union with You again.


Pervading and transcending all, You.

 are the Pure Love that is witnessing 

this moment.  Always here, You can 

never  leave us.


Remembering Your Loving

 Omnipresence is a scientific and 

philosophical process that is 

restoring us to our original, healthy, 

happy, and fulfilling, spiritual



 Your Omnipresence is all around

 us all the time.  We are experiencing

 It through the "Sound of Silence" 

whose presence we are becoming 

more aware as we awaken.


We declare, remembering Your Loving 

Omnipresence is scientific because 

It is research based and can be

 directly experienced by realization.


This Philosophical process of 

remembering You can be analized, 

verified, and it stands to reason and

 common sense.  


We can experience that our life is

 improving, the more we awaken to

 Your Omnipresence through 

Transcendental Loving Service to



Some of the tools for rendering 

Transcendental Loving service to

 You are chanting Your Holy Names

    and offering You everything.


Chanting Your Holy Name, silently or 

inwardly, our consciousness, awareness, 

and intelligence are quieted, freed 

     from external unedifying thoughts. 

Now, we more easily focus on Your

Omnipresent Silence. 


You, the Source of Omnipresent 

Silence are the only reality.  It is You,

 the Changeless One, who are watching,

 and beyond watching, the comings

and goings of the temporary

 phantasmagoria, also known as the 

material world.


Thank You for Your mercy upon us. 

You are our Supreme Divinity pervading 

 and simultaneously beyond waking, 

sleeping, dreaming, deep sleep, 

throughout our existence.  All else is 

illusion, it does not last, does not exist, 

You are the only reality.


Finally, as our consciousness is

 cleansed, via Bhakti Yoga, we respect

 others and treat them as we would

 like to be treated.  Who is my sibling?

  My sibling is me.  You are the Source

    of my siblings and me.


By means of Bhakti Yoga: Chanting

Your Holy Names, offering You

everything, hearing about You, talking

about You, and in all ways remembering

You, our consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence are gradually aligned with



You are our Eternal, Loving, Divine

Reality. We are attracted to each other

because of the beauty of Your loving

presence within us.


We offer You our hopes, our dreams

our plans, our schemes. We offer You

our nights our days our hopes, our

prayers and our praise. Everything we

have, we bring as an offering to You.

this is Bhakti Yoga.


All praise to You, Divine Love of Nature.

You are the Supreme Love of all. Only

Only You are fit for praise and worship.

Thank You for helping us in our efforts

to be centered in You and aligned with