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Bhakti Yoga

Hearing 9

 You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gayatri.


The more our consciousness is purified, the more we experience

the fact that we are manifestations of Truth, Righteousness, Love,

and Peace. This is our nature. We think of You, we concentrate on

You, we meditate on You as the Source of these Mighty Virtues.


Adherence to, and application of, these virtues, purifies our

consciousness. We gradually experience, exceedingly, our original

nature. This nature is infinite, physical, mental, intellectual, and

spiritual freedom, our original constitutional position.


This spiritual practice of remembering You purifies the

Pineal Gland which in turn, cleanses the consciousness.

Gradually, we are returning to You, the Greatest and Sole

Purpose of Spiritual Life.


Gradually we experience the fact that our roots are really

grounded in You. We are here, looking out from Your

Infinity through the Pineal gland, the Third Eye.  


We are here, now, always and forever, looking, listening, from

within, above and below. You pervade and transcend body,

mind, intellect, and ego. We are the eternal soul, in

quality one with You, the Supreme Soul, within and beyond

the Totality of the consciousness of all.


Memories of You are reawakening us to the fact that the real

self is not made of earth and will not return to earth; it is eternal

spirit, the Most Subtlest Energy, Immortal, Unlimitedly blissful,

of Infinite Knowledge. 


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You

as the Source of all Might, Wisdom, and Glory. Constantly

thinking of is the foundation of our spiritual practice.

This leads to meditating on You and experiencing You as the

Self within the Self.


Gradually we return to constant consciousness of You.

This leads to consciousness with You, a return to Home,

back to the Source, conscious union with

You, the Source of Enlightenment and Peace.


No one else can give us freedom from the various chains

and whips of Maya. History can bare us witness of this

fact. All sentient beings are more or less in Maya.


By our impurity of consciousness, we living beings are

keeping others as well as ourselves, sowing and

reaping Maya. We must free ourselves by purifying

ourselves, if we would be free from the sin and suffering of

Maya; seeing the Self as spirit, chanting You names, and

offering You everything is the beginning.


Coming back, finding our Self within our self, reawakening,

we gradually liberate our consciousness back into the Eternal

Bliss of the Self. Now, ever more devoted to You, we

we quietly radiate enlighten vibrations for the eternal

liberation and salvation of siblings of all sorts throughout

the universe.


The greater our devotion to You the more we are fulfilled,

seemingly alone yet never lonely. This spiritual practice

draws us ever more into the consciousness of Your Loving

Omnipresence, thus we are evermore satisfied and at our

original nature of Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.


A few sentient beings realize their condition and see that they

have to fix their mind on something that is not of the

suffering illusory world. When we see that that something

is You, we begin seriously fixing our mind on You.


Truth, Righteousness, Love, Peace, and all other virtues are

the nature of the Self. We must purify our consciousness of

anger, lust, greed, illusion, madness, and envy, to know and

experience our true nature.


The actual purpose of material life is to give us enough hell

until we get very serious about a solution to the problem of

birth, old-age, disease, and death. Our solution is to labor for

You, to do all as offerings to You.


When we reach the satiation point of suffering and see that

the solution is to labor for You, we also see that we by nature

are pure. However, we, like the prodigal son, have fallen into

a very contaminated existence. 


We begin purifying ourselves by remembering You.

We remember You by hearing about You, by calling Your

names, speaking about You, and by offering all we think,

feel, will, say, and do to You; it is all for You.


As we become more awake, we can meditate on You as the

Supreme witness of all, including sounds, sights, and Silence.

In this way, we clean up our consciousness, clean up our life,

our environment, transcend Maya, and we comeback to You;

it is all for You.