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Bhakti Yoga

Hearing 3

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We begin this awakening and remembering You by the spiritual

practice of seeing the self as awareness, consciousness, energy, or spirit,

calling out Your names and offering You everything.


This is a way we can regain our freedom and independence from Your

illusory energy, Maya. By always thinking of You as pervading and

transcending birth, death, and rebirth, our consciousness is cleansed

and we gradually reawaken to our origin in and as the Eternal

Intelligence and Bliss, eternally one with You, Supreme Awareness.


Whether they be for evil or for our future material well being

or gain, selfish thoughts, word, and deeds keep us sowing and

reaping, doing Karma, in Maya.


We must offer, submit, all of our thinking, feeling, and willing

to You. This is a way, we can transcend reaping and sowing

in Maya, we rise out of its sin and suffering and awaken to

our original position as Tranquil Awareness of Everything,

Nothing, and blissful awareness of Awareness ad infinitum.


To get out of the circle of reaping and sowing, we must do

all as offerings to You. That includes defending our Nation,

our Constitution, our Life, and our Liberty, under the Law of

our Land.


Surrendering all to You is our way of exodus out of Karma,

bad or good, and sets us straight on the path of liberation, out

of Maya, into Your Bliss, our original position.


Our suffering or joy is a direct result of our own bad or good

Karma. Other persons, things, or circumstances are simply

instruments or conduits through which our own Karma

returns to us.


We think of You as the Infinite Awareness within which

is the consciousness and awareness of all. What we do

to others, we do to You. What we do to You eventually

comes back to us. Offering all to You is the way if exit

from the wheel of Karma.


If with impure consciousness we think, feel, will, or do,

suffering will be our lot. The converse is true when we

think, feel, will, say, or do with clean or pure consciousness.


We begin the process of gaining freedom from Karma

and regaining our original Pure Consciousness and Infinite

Awareness by chanting Your Name and submitting all we

think, feel, will, say, and do to You. This is our spiritual

practice of always thinking of You.


We think of You as Most Cultured, the Basis of all refinement and

good manners. Remembering You is associating with You. Submission of

all we think, feel, will, say, and do, to You is also remembering You and

associating with You. Association breeds assimilation.


The more we associate with You the greater we assimilate Your purity

into our consciousness. This is the spiritual purification of consciousness

which is the basis of our ancient spiritual and cultural heritage. This is what we

have been lacking and are in such desperate need of today.


We meditate on You as within and beyond all forms,

formlessness, names, nothing, something, and all dualities.

Remembering You, is our self purification process. It

reawakens us to You.


We think of You as our Source, our Savior, our Salvation, our

Everything Good, Righteous and Holy. You are our way of

Exodus out of Maya. You are our way of return to

You. Thank You for helping us remember You in all we

think, feel, will, say, and do.


Utilizing this spiritual practice, we are becoming

more devoted to You. We are worshiping You ever more.

Gradually we are reawakening to You. We know this

is true in the light of our knowledge, observation, application

and experience.


We are the soul, consciousness, awareness, the Self that

pervades and transcends this body, mind, intellect, and ego.

The Giver, the Source, of the Truth, Righteousness, Love, and

Peace within this soul, consciousness, awareness or Self, is

You, the Source of all. 


We worship You through constant remembrance of You.

We do this by prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right

association, offering all to You and meditation. This way, we

remember You even on the battlefield of life in Maya.


Constant remembrance of You gets us off the battlefield of

Maya and back to Your Consciousness of Everlasting

Tranquil Bliss, Knowledge, Eternal Peace, and Supreme Awareness.