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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Bhakti Yoga

Hearing 18

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Gayatri.


We think of You as the Supreme Divinity of all the worlds,

the Source of all highs. There was never a time when You, the

unsurpassable, did not exist. Through this spiritual practice

of always thinking of You, we seek and find refuge in You



You always exist beyond all illusions such as time and space.

Thought cannot reach You. Nonetheless, prayer to You,

study about You, and nonviolent sacrifice to You, brings us

into the experience of Your Eternal, Loving Omnipresence. 


It is through remembrance of You that we associate with You

and get higher and higher all the time. We need no other

stimulation to get high, other than Your association. Through

this association we clean up ourselves and awaken from the

illusion of ignorance.


Ignorance of self causes us to think that the self is suffering

and needs external stimulation or medication to get high or

feel exhilarated. Always thinking of You is all the medication

we need to get higher and higher, more intelligent, creative,

and energetic in all ways, all the time. 


You are You are the One Spirit of all who pervades and

transcends all. Yet You always remain the same. Thank You

for showing us how to experience the fulfillment of You by

always thinking of You.


To always think of You, we strive to be sure You are at the

center of all we think, feel, will, say, and do. We think of You

as the Unborn, Invisible, Indivisible, Supreme Truth at the

base of all consciousness.


As a consequence of always remembering You, increasingly

we are less elated when there is so-called happiness and are

ever more free from attachment, disappointment, fear, and



Always thinking of You, and seeing the self as spirit, we are

ever less intoxicated with ego consciousness. Consequently,

we less and less disturbed by the vicissitudes of life.


Most Positive One, the more our awareness is purified

through association with You, the more our thoughts are

transformed from negative to positive. Thank You ever more

for revealing to us the science of Your positive association. It

is by Your association that our mind is quieted and mastered.


As the mind is quieted and mastered by the Over-Self,

You, our consciousness are brought back into its original, most

righteous, positivity and its infinite tranquility.


We think of You as the Supreme Soul of the universe within

and beyond all organisms. The most important thing we can

do, the best thing we can do for ourselves, is to fix our mind

on You. We are not the organism with a soul; we are the soul

within and beyond the organism.


Your positive association is a way of ever increasing

our inner joy, contentment, security, spiritual love, freedom

and peace with ourselves and with so-called others. Of

course, in the reality of You, there are no others, no nothing;

there is only You.


Thank You for teaching us how to take a deep look at

ourselves in the light of our ancient history and our eternal

spirituality. In this way, we go back and come up from our

ancient, righteous roots, moving ahead in union with You,

who are within and beyond all organisms.