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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Bhakti Yoga

Hearing 16

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Gayatri.


Seeing the self as spirit, consciousness, awareness looking out

through the body from the sixth Chakra, and always thinking

of You respiritualises our existence.


Seeing You as Supreme Spirit or Awareness within others,

and seeing others as spirit or awareness within You is

the solution to the problems of racism, sexism, casteism,

nationalism, and other isms.


All the other isms, confusions and frustrations, according to

our research, observation, and experience, grow out of the

ignorance of duality and the mistaken belief that the self is

body, mind, intellect, or ego.


Always thinking of You sublimates the consciousness and rids

It of negative unedifying thoughts. Simultaneously, always

thinking of You fills the consciousness with the purity of You.


We think of You, and we are experiencing You alone as the

pilot and co-pilot of our life. You rule exclusively, having no

no partners nor co-partners. Thinking of You, the Most

Pure, we purify our character.


Remaining as Eternal, Living Spirit, we understand why and

how to remain fair, centered, and balanced. We are thinking

of You and seeing You equally in all creation, throughout our

experience called life. By Your grace and mercy, this is our



Thank You for showing us, in the light of spirit, what

normalcy is. Normal is living as Consciousness, or Awareness

with a temporary body, mind, intellect, or/and awareness,

rather than as a body with consciousness, or awareness, an

intellect, mind, and/or body. 


We are not a temporary body with a consciousness or

awareness; we are consciousness with a temporary body,

mind, intellect, and/or ego. We cannot hear this enough in

our present condition. It shakes and wakes us out of the

illusion and sets us on the right path to reach You. You are

always here.


Although known by many names,You are beyond names,

forms, and formlessness, beyond personal, impersonal and

transpersonal. Thank You for showing us how to rebuild

ourselves from inside out, from the Pineal Gland throughout

the nervous system.