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Bhakti Yoga

Hearing 16

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Seeing the self as spirit, consciousness,

 and awareness, permeated and

 transcended by the Light of Divine

 intelligence, looking out through 

the body from the Sixth

 Chakra, the Pineal Gland.  


This Pineal Gland is located

 between the left and right

   hemispheres near the center of 

the brain.  


We believe it is from the Pineal

Gland that You, Infinite

intelligence, enters the individual

being, illuminating

consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence, according to the

purity of the individual's



We are hearing of You, seeing ourselves 

as spirit, and You as Supreme Spirit, or

 the Greatest  Intelligence within and

 beyond all.  This way of looking at life

 is a change in our value system.  


Seeing others as spirit or intelligence

within You is the solution to the

problems of racism, sexism, casteism,

nationalism, and other divisive isms.


All the other isms, confusions and

 frustrations, according to our research,

what we have heard, observation,

 and experience,  grow out of the

ignorance of duality and the mistaken 

belief that the Self is body, 

consciousness, awareness, thoughts, 

intellect, or ego.


Always thinking of You sublimates

 the consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence to You, the Light of 

Divine Intelligence.  This rids and

keeps out of consciousness,

 negative unedifying thoughts. 


 We know hearing of You purifies and 

puts consciousness, awareness and

 intelligence under your control; we

 heard about this spiritual discipline

   and we have practiced it personally.


We have heard of You and the Self

 from Bible, Koran, Upanishads, Vedas,

 and particularly Bhagavad-gita.  Most

 importantly, we have some experience

 of what we have heard and practiced.


Hearing of You and remembering You

 is associating with You.   This whole

 spiritual practice revolves around 

hearing of You, thinking of You, and 

remembering You.  This is association

 with You, the Most Pure. 


We are purifying our character and

 our total Being with this spiritual

 practice.  Gradually, we awaken to 

our fulness and purity of union with

 You. Thus, the goal of Yoga, union

 with You is accomplished.


We are hearing of You of You, and 

we are experiencing You alone as the

pilot and co-pilot of our life. You are 

ruling exclusively, having no partners

 nor co-partners.


We are hearing of You as the Most Pure.

We are purifying our character by

associating with You. We associate with

You by hearing of You, chanting Your

Holy Names, offering You everything,

and speaking about You.


We have heard and have experienced

that You are always here. Through

all the changes of life, You remain

as Eternal, Living Spirit, unchanging

amid the constantly changing material



We are hearing of You and seeing You

equally in all creation. There is nowhere

where You are not. Knowing this, with

purified vision, we want for others that

which we want for ourselves.


That which we should want, and what

we really need, is Eternal. It is

You. Wants for any temporary thing

leads to attachment and agony. Other

than You, all is temporary. Attachment

to the temporary is the cause of slavery

and suffering. Attachment to You

leads to freedom and fulfillment.


Hearing of You is the beginning of 

attachment to You. The more we hear

 of You, the more we are attached to

 Your unparalleled attractiveness.


We have heard through Disciplic 

Succession that You are so beautiful

 that even Cupid is attracted to You.  

We have a little experience of Your

 Matchless Beauty.  From what we 

have seen and  experienced of You, 

Your beauty is without equal.