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Bhakti Yoga

Hearing 15

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  thank  You Bha.  Thank You Gayatri.


Submitting to You by always thinking 

of You through hearing of You, 

speaking  of You, chanting Your Holy 

Names and  glories helps us remember 

You.  Remembering You, we purify,

 master and transcend our lower self, 

which is more or less contaminated with

 lust, anger,  greed,  illusion, madness, 

and  envy.  


 Mastering and transcending the lower self, 

we proceed in our awakening to union

 with You. It is hearing about You, and 

remembering You which purifies our 

  consciousness, awareness, and intelligence.

   This brings us up  out of Maya and keeps 

   us on the right "Path" to union with You. 


Hearing of You and thinking of You, we

transcend the real enemy, ignorance of

Self. It is that ignorance which causes

us to fall prey, and slave, to lust, anger,

greed, illusion, madness, and envy.


This spiritual practice of hearing of You

and remembering You cleanses

our consciousness of the wicked thoughts,

produced by our associating with the six

spirits mentioned above.


Those spirits: Lust, anger, greed,

illusion, madness, and envy, infiltrate

our consciousness to such and extent

that we think either one is us.

Hearing of You and filling the

consciousness gets them out and

keeps them out.


Hearing about You purifies us. In

this way, our consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence are evermore under

the purifying influence of Your Pure,

Loving, Ever Greater, Intelligence.


We are hearing about You, who pervades

and transcends all designations. Genders,

races, creeds, colors, nationalities, dualities,

earth, water, air, sky, space, everywhere

and everything is permeated, and

 transcended by You.


Thank You for revealing to us the

 importance of hearing of You, thinking 

of You, speaking of You, and offering all

    to You. This spiritual practice is definitely

    helping us remember You.  Forgetfulness 

   of You is the reason we sin and  suffer


Hearing of You and remembering 

You is the way we are resurrecting 

our memory about who You are and 

who we are. In this way we molding

 our lives in such a way that we are 

  always waking up and remembering 

our original union with You.


We are striving to hear more of  You

 through reading, research, and

 associating with others who are 

seeking and experiencing You.  As a 

result, we are increasingly thinking of

  You.  This spiritual practice is purifying

  our  intelligence and bringing us it back

under Your control, the control of, our

 Ever  Greater, Pure Intelligence.


We have heard, and we have some 

experience, of You as our Supreme

Being.  Hearing of You, and 

experiencing a modicum of Your

 magnificence, has been the real 

beginning of our remembering, and

 understanding why, and how to

 surrender all to You. 


 Hearing of You, we are thinking of You, 

and remembering You.  By Your Grace, 

we are having some experience of You.

 As a consequence, the realization of 

our Oneness with You as our very own

 Eternal, Incomparable, Supreme Soul,

 becomes ever more experiential and 



Other than You, there is none worthy

of worship. Thank You for awakening

us to the spiritual practice of hearing

of You, reeducating us, teaching us how

to come to identify and experience the

Self as Eternal Spirit rather than

temporary body; or various levels of

 consciousness, awareness, intellect,

or intelligence.


We have heard of You from revealed

 Scriptures Saints, and Sages.  We have a

  small bit of experience of You, confirmed 

by those Scriptures, Saints, and Sages. 

We think of You as Eternal, Pure 

    Intelligence, our Eternal Light of Divine

      Intelligence within and beyond all.


Hearing of You and having had some

small experience of You, we now think 

of ourselves as in quality one with You. 

We know You as the One in all and the

 All in One. All are One, equal in Your

Divine Light of Intelligence.


Living in the light of hearing of You, we

   are gradually purified and are able to see 

   You equally within all and transcending 

   all.  In this resurrected light of our 

    ancient Divine vision, we are completely

 made over.  Now we are seeing 

   ourselves as spirit, and You alone as

     Supreme Spirit, the Light of Divine

       Intelligence, our Common Source.


You are One, eternally the same, 

pervading and transcending all of 

nature.  We think of true resurrection

  As returning to our very best self, the 

real Self:  Pure Energy, Eternal, 

Omnipresent, Intelligence. Hearing

 of  You is certainly enhancing our 

ability to remember You, thus

      improving the quality of our life. 


Researching about You, hearing of You 

from Bible, Koran, Upanishads, 

Bhagavad-gita, and other Holy Books 

is purifying our intelligence.  Life is 

getting easier, and we are increasingly

 experiencing the True Self as Eternal, 

Living, Loving Spirit, the Light of 

Divine Intelligence, with in and 

beyond all intelligence.