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Bhakti Yoga

Hearing 14

You Aum. Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We have heard, we understand, and we 

have some experience of Your 

Omnipresence.  In this light, we  think 

of You as pervading all cultures, 

nationalities, and every species of life. 


This spiritual practice of filling the

consciousness with thoughts of You

 is purifying our intelligence and

 helping us see through and transcend 

the superficial differences.


  You are the Indivisible, Undifferentiated,

 Supreme Absolute.  Wherever we have

 gone, You are here.  On this basis, and

 according to what we have heard

 through Disciplic Succession, there

 is no where, where You are not.


Words such as I, You, Supreme Being,

 God, Allah, Brahman, Gye Nyame,

 and Thou, are some of the sorts of 

 signposts pointing toward Your 

Indescribable Infinity.


You are within and beyond all

directions. Moreover, we have heard

and understand that You are within

 and beyond all names.


Experiencing a modicum of the

 transcendental beauty and fulfillment

 of hearing of You, we are more carefully

   screening unedifying, mundane, thoughts

 from entering our consciousness.  


We are screening out unholy thoughts

and purifying our consciousness,

   awareness, and intelligence by hearing 

evermore of Your glories.


We are hearing of You from Holy 

      Books, Holy Videos, CDs, Saints, 

and Sages, through Disciplic 

Succession, and our practice of 

meditation on You.


Hearing of You, we are reawakening.

Gradually, we are experiencing Your

Eternal Omnipresence, our Divine 



We hear about You, we think about You,

and we meditate on You as the Light of

Divine Intelligence. You are shining on,

and within, consciousness, awareness,

and lower intelligence.


Your Light of Divine Intelligence, always

shining, is always free from any sort of

bodily, mental, intellectual, egoistic

designation, or identification.


We have heard, and have small,

unforgettable, experiences of Your 

Light of Divine Intelligence. It is just 

Pure Knowingness, and beyond All 

Understanding; shining on and in, 

our consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence,  equally.


We benefit from the light of Your Divine

Intelligence according to the purity

of our intelligence. Our intelligence is

purified the more we associate with

You through our spiritual practice.


Thank You for revealing this well-worn

 path of devotional service to You; Bhakti.

We have no reality other than You.  

All else is illusion.


You are our Everything. Always hearing

 of  You, thinking of You, and remembering 

You is our solution, our way of awakening 

back to conscious union with You, our 

Supreme Being.


You are our Most Unconditional Love,

 the One Supreme Power of all.

Indescribable, beyond material 

and spiritual, our humble

glorification is to You and You alone.

 Thank You for showing us how to be

 devoted to You and You only.  


Pure Energy, our Indestructible, 

Unalterable One, the most important

 thing we are doing is hearing about

 You and remembering You. This 

spiritual Practice is aligning us 

completely with You.


 Thank You for helping us to hear

about You and remember You; this way,

we are reawakening our love and

longing for You alone. Through love

for you, we are awakening our love

for all.