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Bhakti Yoga

Hearing 12

 You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Surrendering or submitting all to You

means: All we think, feel, will, say, and 

do, we do as offerings or service to You. 

 That includes any suffering or joy we

 might encounter, we surrender it all to

 You. This is Bhakti Yoga.


  It is not enough to do good works.  That 

is making good Karma.  However, doing

 good Karma is binding.  Offering to You 

is beyond  good Karma.  It helps us

 remember You.  This remembering helps 

reawaken and liberate us into union with 



The more we remember You our

 intelligence, awareness, and 

consciousness are purified of the 

brigands:  Lust, anger, greed, 

  illusion,  madness, and envy. 


 They cannot live cannot steal, lie, 

cheat, or kill using our in intelligence,

 consciousness, and awareness, when

 they are purified as a consequence 

of our remembering You. 


Always hearing about You and 

remembering You is our way out of 

suffering.  Constantly offering all

 we think, feel, will, say and do to

 You also helps us remember You.


Chanting Your Holy Names is another 

 our of ways to remember You 

constantly.  Chanting can be done while 

working, playing, or in whatever mood 

or activity we find our selves in.


We must practice remembering You.  

At first it might seem as though we

 are making no progress.  However, 

we must persevere.


The we must persist in our efforts to

remember You by hearing about You,

 talking about you, chanting Your Holy 

names, and offering You everything.  


Every now and then when we look back

and compare where we were before we

knew about hearing about You and

remembering You, and where we are

now, we see that this spiritual practice



Due to Your Grace and this spiritual

practice of hearing about You and

remembering You, we are more awake.

We are making progress back into the

much needed Light of You, our Divine



When we look back and see what has

brought us out of the denseness and the

suffering of ignorance, it has been this

spiritual practice of hearing about You

and remembering You.


We can see that we have been awakening

into the ever greater light of fulfillment

and Peace.  Surely, we recognize that it

 is this spiritual practice of striving to

 always remember You, which has

     brought us this far in our awakening.


We hear about You, we think of You,

we remember You, we meditate on

You as the Most Glorious of all

Glories; the Supreme and only

Reality at the base of all

intelligence, awareness, and



We have become quieter within and

without, because of Your Grace and this

spiritual practice. Now we are able to

see, evermore, You as the One,

witnessing Silence, Space and

everything else. We are definitely

always having greater experiences

of Your Glorious Omnipresence.


The experience of the vibratory

tranquillity of Your Omnipresence

grows stronger constantly. It is

making every other thrill we have

experienced in the world thus far

pale into less than insignificance.


We hear about You, we think about

You; we concentrate on You, we meditate

on You, as our Most Subtle, Tranquil,

Loving, Omnipresence.


We are constantly improving, better 

helping ourselves, by constantly

hearing of You and chanting Your 

Glories.  We are remembering You 

  as the Supreme Oneness of Absolute

 Being, within and beyond Time and



Thank You for teaching us how to raise 

ourselves by remembering our Self.

 Thus, we are awakening, rising, from 

the frustrating muck, mire, oppressions, 

dualities and depressions of the

 turbulent ocean of material existence. 

Hearing of You and remembering You, 

we now are experiencing, evermore, the

 infinite transcendental joy and 

contentment of the Self.