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Bhakti Yoga

Hearing 11

 You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


You are the Source of all thought. Therefore, You are the

Source of all creation, all evolution, all sustaining, and all

destruction. Thank You for helping us fix our thoughts on

You, The most virtuous, completely compassionate, Most

Glorious One.


Always thinking of You, and meditating on You as

Silence are ancient methods of coming back to You used

by our Ancestors to purify the Pineal Gland, raise their

consciousness to Supreme Awareness, and hence their

civilization to Divinity.


Eternal, Omnipresent, Omniscient, indweller of all, You are

the Source of all betterment. Of the great, You are the

Greatest. We concentrate on You to be cleansed, redeemed of

the sin and bondage of ignorance, while being restored to our

original nature of Absolute Pure Awareness.


Thought is engendered by consciousness interacting with

internal and external sense objects. The basis of all creation,

existing prior to the beginning of anything, You are the

Source of all thought as well as the power of attraction in all

sense objects.  


By praising and thanking You, our Supreme Being, we heal

ourselves from the diseases of vanity, delusion, and self

disdain caused by ignorance of Self.


When we speak of You, we are speaking from our meager,

yet ever increasing, direct experience. This has come after

critical, objective, analysis of observation and research.  


After critical, analytical, research has come practical,

repeatable, application. This spiritual practice of always

thinking of You is cleansing our consciousness. We are

experiencing the fact that we are increasingly free of lust,

anger, greed, illusion, madness, and



Those negative qualities are being replaced with love,

compassion, charity, sanity, understanding, patience, and an

increasingly virtuous life. Thank You for teaching us how to

think independently, scientifically, carefully, objectively and

critically, before speaking, or advising.


Unoriginated One, no one is equal to nor co-eternal with You.

You are throughout all beginnings, middles and ends.

Yet, You are beyond all.


Thinking, concentrating, and meditating on You as the sum

and substance of everything effaces the ego from

our consciousness. This enables us to more easily journey

back to our best self, Pure Consciousness.


Source of all opulences, Your Peace and Your Love are

realized to the degree we surrender all we think, feel, will,

say, and do, to You. than You for helping us to see how to

praise You.


Cleansing and transformation of ego, intellect, mind, and

body are positively affected by this spiritual practice because,

even though temporary, they are inside of consciousness.


We think of You as the Supreme Immanent and

Transcendent Being of all sentient and insentient

beings: Flowers, trees, birds, genders, races, nationalities,

all designations.


There is no one You are not in, and nowhere where You are

not. In the light of our research, observation and experience,

You are Omnipresent. This is why we think of You and

concentrate on You as the Supreme Being of all the worlds.


Thank You for revealing to us this ancient path of devotional

service to You. By this spiritual practice, our consciousness

gradually returns to its natural quiet and serene state.


By offering everything to You, we free ourselves from the

repeated causes and effects of mundane existence. In the

process we are freed from the bonds of attachment to

all impermanence.


Being ever conscious of the “Sound” Your Silence is also a

meditation practice. This is a tool You have revealed to us

for purifying our lower awareness into the Pure

Consciousness/Awareness. In this way, we develop into ever

more civilized beings while we return to our original Divine



The nature of the illusory worlds are of the nature of

ignorance and suffering. The more we remember You, we are

restored to our original eternal nature of Pure, Designation-

free, Awareness.