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Bhakti Yoga

Concentration 9

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayatri.


We concentrate on You as the All Mighty One, the Infinite

Intelligence within the consciousness of all, whom we secretly

love the most. Thank You, for allowing us the sacred

privilege of regaining our spiritual intelligence through

purification of the Pineal gland and consciousness by

concentrating on You.


With Your exceeding merciful grace, we are becoming more and more consciously

detached from the illusory world. We are doing this through our spiritual practice of

concentrating on You.


We transcend the illusory worlds of lust, anger, greed, and all the other urges of the

material senses by concentrating on You. Ever more fulfilled, we proceed straight on

the trackless path of truth, righteousness, love, and peace to union with You.


We concentrate on You as the Unparalleled Awareness at the base of all awareness. You

are the Supreme Attractiveness, the Love, at the start of all attractiveness. We think of You

as our Mutually Attractive One, our Supreme Being. 


The more we concentrate on You, the greater is our unconditioned love

and selfless service to You, and the greater is our illumination and love for

all sentient beings throughout the cosmic manifestation.


You are the Source of understanding, forgiveness, and strength. The more we

concentrate on You, the more we are inner illumined, and the greater is our

experience that the cosmic manifestation is one, within and under You. Thank

You for teaching us this ancient spirituality for individual and universal

development and unity.


We ever more experience pleasure, satisfaction, and fulfillment within our

Transcendence, the more we concentrate on You. Thank You for helping us to resurrect

within our consciousness You, the Source of spirituality and our most righteous



Concentrating on You in all situations and circumstances, gradually we rise out of the

contamination, intoxication, and misery of illusion, Maya. This is the Infinite Freedom

and Bliss of You, Eternal Awareness.  


Concentrating on You is our process of sobering and purifying our consciousness and

awareness. Slowly and surely we reawaken from the denseness and despair of self-

ignorance to the enlightenment of You. We concentrate on You as the Eternal, bliss-

filled Reality of all.