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Bhakti Yoga

 Concentration  3

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We concentrate on You as the Flawless 

One,  within and beyond everyone 

and all things, simultaneously. 



You are within all, including no-thing, 

and all are within You.  Nonetheless,

You are detached, attached to nothing, 

including renunciation.


We concentrate on You as the all 

Pervasive, Changeless One.  Change

 goes  on within You, while You remain

 one and the same throughout all


When You are experienced, all

 descriptions cease and bliss alone 

remains.  We remember You and 

concentrate on You as This.


We remember You and concentrate on

 You as the Divine Light which shines

 on the Silence that remains after

 thoughts have been cleared out of

 consciousness, awareness, and 



 Thinking of You, concentrating on You, 

and remembering You, is the spiritual

 practice that is revealing to us You,

 this Divine Light within which 

even Silence exists.


Omnipresent, Omnipotent and

 Omniscient,  we concentrate on You 

as this Divine Light which pervades 

and transcends, space, all limitations 

and circumstances.  


You are the Source of thought, so

 Omnipotent.  Our intelligence has

 its origin in You.  To be You, the

 Greatest of the small and large, 

  You must be, and are, Omnipresent, 

 Omnipotent, and Omniscient.



 There is no beginning, middle, nor

 end for You.  All else has an 

origination.  Its illusory existence is 

relative inside of space and seasons. 


 Eventually, the illusory existence 

dissolves into the five elements

 from which it has come.  The elements

 remain temporarily, pervaded and 

transcended by Your permanence.  


You are the Eternal, Changeless 

One, within which the changes 

have their origin, maintenance,

 and dissolution.  


We concentrate on You as the only 

 reality. Thank You for helping us 

   understand how to concentrate on 

You.  It is by concentrating on You 

that we find out our true identity 

and are freed from bondage in the

 illusory energy, Maya.


By concentrating on You, we are

remembering You and slowly,

reawakening to ever higher, more

sublime, beautiful, righteous and glorious

levels of existence.


We concentrate on You as our Original,

 Divine Nature, pervading and

 simultaneously beyond waking, sleeping, 

dreaming, deep sleep and even 

transcendental consciousness.


Thank You for showing us how to

concentrate on You through prayer, study,

sacrifice, service, right association and

meditation, all centered in You.


We concentrate on You as The 

 Knower of bare awareness.  This is 

the awareness of consciousness

 freed from thought, and awareness

 of thoughts without attachments

 to them, even while working

 intelligently with them.


We concentrate on You as the Self and 

Its Bliss, with whom no one is equal, nor

 co-eternal.  The experience of You can

  only be remembered, because when we 

  are awake and One with You, we are 

   beyond knower, knowledge, knowing 

 and known.



We concentrate on You as The Divine 

Light of, and on, the Silence that

 follows AUM.  This  Silence has many

   frequencies.  You are within and beyond

     these frequencies.  When we experience 

    Oneness with You, there is no knowing,

     knowledge, knower, and known.