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Bhakti Yoga

Concentration on You  2

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Thank You for showing us how to awaken

in harmony with You and thereby be 

gradually in sync with all.   We begin 

this process of concentration on You 

by always thinking of You.


 One way we have begun this thinking

 of  You process is by chanting Your Holy

   Names.   You have many names, although 

 You are beyond all names.  So, we choose

 the name that is most dear to us, and we

 chant it constantly, or as increasingly as



We can also think of You by hearing about

 You, and by praising and thanking You

 constantly.  This practice leads to

 concentrating  on You


The goal of our life is conscious union 

with You, our Supreme Being.  We 

concentrate on You, eventually

 meditating on You as the Divine 

Light in and on Silence. 


We think of the knowledge of Self as

 being the highest, the greatest

 education.   You are the Best within 

us.  True education awakens us to the

 experience of this fact.


 Without knowledge of You, Self first, 

all other knowledge, in the last analysis, 

has no foundation, no meaningful 



Thank You for helping us concentrate

 on You as pervading and transcending

 the totality of all parts of the universe. 

 Thus,we are regaining true knowledge 

of Self as infinite Eternal

Intelligence, within and beyond, all.


We concentrate on You as the 

Foundation and Center Point of all

 existence, our All in all, pervading

 and transcending all.  


The more we gain knowledge of You

 by concentrating on You, the greater

 is our knowledge of Self.


 This knowledge has the

 transformational power to change our

consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence from that of brute, to that

 of compassionate, empathetic, Divine

 living being.


We concentrate on You as the Source 

of life and light, the creator,

maintainer, and the annihilator of all 



We can never really be separated from 

You.  Conscious reunion with You,  is 

the real goal of our knowledge and 

  education, and concentration. It is our

 greatest aim, and gain, to be realized

 in this, and any other, life.


The more we concentrate on You in

 the spirit of Bhakti Yoga, real

 knowledge of self, knowledge and 

experience that we are within and

   beyond knower, knowledge, knowing, 

and known is experienced as a fact.


Even the seemingly small experiences

 we recall of the Self as Kundalini,

 within and beyond knower, knowledge,

 knowing, and known, is sustaining our

confidence and determination to

 persevere in our efforts to attain

 conscious union with You again.


We concentrate on You as smaller 

than the smallest and larger than 

the largest.  You are within and 

beyond solid, liquid and all degrees

 and kinds of gases. 


 Chanting Your.  Holy Names and 

offering You everything calms our

 consciousness by eliminating

 unedifying thoughts. This helps us

 realize Your quintessence, within 

and beyond gross and subtle.


Concentrating on You is how we

 purify and refine our character

while aligning with You.

  Advancing in this spiritual

 practice, our Light of Divine

 Intelligence shines through 

evermore in all  we think, feel,

 will, say, and do.


 As consciousness aligns with You, so

   does awareness, and lower intelligence. 

  Gradually, all levels of our being are

coming back into under Your Divine 

Guidance.  Slowly union with You is

 being achieved.