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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You 7

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.


We think of You as the All Attractive One.

 Known by many names, You pervade and

 transcend all names and forms. At this point,

we are addressing You as the All Merciful,

 Supreme Being of our intelligence who 

pervades and transcends the apparent and

the real.


The real is that which never cease existing. 

 The apparent is that which has no 

endurance.  We think of You as the ever

existing reality, pervading and 

transcending the constant flux of all 



We think of You as the Immoveable,

Unchanging Source of the consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence of all sentient

beings. Things change, circumstances

change, but You always remain the same.


Being Omnipresent, You are the Centerless

Centerpoint point, the Infinite Intelligence

within and beyond consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence. Please accept our most

humble, prostrate obeisances, from all sides,

from above and below, inside and out.


Everything we have, we bring as an

offering to You. This showing of respect

helps us remember You. Thank You

for allowing us the intelligence to offer

everything to You, and thus have an

increasing experience of the reality of

Your Omnipresence.


Thank You, for helping us detach

from the delusions of the physical

and spiritual worlds, and the

impersonal and personal concepts of

ultimate reality. We are doing this

through constant remembrance of You.


 We think of You as the Source of all

purity and strength, within and beyond

all personalities, supreme and otherwise.

We are remembering You by calling out

Your name, silently, softly, or loudly.


We also offer all our thinking, feeling,

willing, and doing to You. This helps

us remember You because it empowers

us to further always think of You.


We think of You as our Supreme 

Being, Unchangeable, Perfect and

 Complete within and beyond vast 

and varied parts and partials. You 

are our Greatest Intelligence, 

  pervading and transcending earth, 

water, fire, air, and aether. 


Thank You for showing us the way 

back Home, back to Your Eternal Love,

 Peace, and Tranquil Bliss, here and now.

 We are experiencing this Godhead as

 we persevere iu our spiritual practice

 of prayer, study, sacrifice, service,

 right association, and meditation.


Thinking of You is remembering You.

Remembering You is association with

You, the Most Pure. This is how we are

cleaning the impurities from our

consciousness, awareness, and



You are the Source of our life, within

and beyond our breath, our birth

and our death. Everything we have

experienced, everything we are

experiencing, everything we will

experience, we offer with gratitude

to You.


Thank You for accepting our homage.

Your Immovable Omnipresence is our

centerless center point. You are within

the living entity, simultaneously, the

living entity revolves inside of You.


You are not limited nor expanded

 by the living entity, time, space, or 

circumstances. By always thinking of

You, the Most Enlightened Source of

all intelligence, we, the living entity, 

  are empowered to wake up, clean up, 

rise, organize, and rebuild ourselves 

from inside out, into Your likeness



We think of You as the Eternal reservoir

of Truth, Righteous, Love, Peace, and

Infinite Bliss; Kundalini. Thank You

for showing us how to remove the

veil of ignorance of Self from our

consciousness, awareness, and



We are freeing our consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence from

ignorance of Self by always thinking

 of You.  Thinking of You helps us 

remember You.  Remembering You

 is awakening us to the Tranquil,

Omnipresent Bliss of the Self.


Thank You for revealing to us how

to use Your temporary material 

energy to advance ourselves in the

 world while awakening to Your

 Eternal  Omnipresence. The more

 we think of You, our intelligence is 

purified and we experience Your 

Omnipresent Peace, within and 

beyond the Material World.


We think of You as the Ever Changeless

One amidst continuous change. You

pervade and transcend our breath,

the morning mist, the dew, the grass,

the earth and gas. You exist always 

the same, within and beyond time

and space everywhere.