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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You 7

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.


We think of You as the Ever Changeless One amidst continuous

change. You pervade and transcend the morning mist, the dew, the

grass, the earth and the breathing of all bodies.


We think of You as the Source of Truth, Righteous, Love, and

Peace. Thank You for revealing to us how constant

remembrance w constant remembrance of You purifies,

raises and expands our consciousness and awareness. 


We think of You as Pure Consciousness, the source of all

wisdom, joy, and right understanding. Thank You for

revealing to us the comprehension that brings us ever

consciously closer to You.


Supreme consciousness, ever Pure, pervading and

transcending all impurities, You are one indivisible complete

whole. You are equal to all. None equals to You, the Supreme

Witness, within and beyond all and Nothing.


We think of You as pervading and transcending the

Galaxies and all the intelligence within them. Please

accept our humble submissions of praise and



Devotional Service to You destroys ignorance, purifies our

consciousness and keeps nonsense thoughts and chaos out

of our being. Surely, devotional service to You restores

order to our life, and keeps us in Your Everlasting,

Omnipresent, Peace. 


We think of You as within and beyond the seen and the

unseen. Saints and sinners, the immobile and the mobile,

oracles, fortune tellers, ghosts, hobgoblins, magicians and

mystics. All is pervaded and transcended by You. Surely,

You are everywhere, within and beyond everything, and



Thank You endlessly for showing us how to always think

of You. Thinking of You purifies our consciousness and thus

elevates us from the suffering of Maya. Gradually, we

awaken to the endless tranquillity of You.


We think of You as our Supreme Being, Unchangeable,

Perfect and Pure. You are our Supreme Awareness

pervading and transcending fire, earth, water, wind

and all elements. Thank You for showing us the way

back to Eternal Love, Peace, and Happiness.


We think that all thought, and the light of Heaven and earth

emanates from You, and eventually returns to You. You are

the Supreme Creator, maintainer, and Annihilator of all.

Thank You for teaching us how to constantly think of You.


Constantly thinking of You, we return to You, Everlasting,

Omnipresent, Peace. This is our original position, our

Supreme Sanity. Thus, we cease chasing the insane,

insatiable demands of the senses: The eyes, nose, ears,

tongue, stomach, and genitals.


Thank You for showing us how we can fix our mind on You,

the Supreme Good of the universe. Pervading and transcending

all, You are Pure Love, the Source of all light and the Wisdom of

the wise.


We think of You as the One Supreme Divinity in all.

We think of You as Pure Awareness, in and beyond Your vast

and variegated costumes, disguises, and levels of



Thank You for showing us how to cleanse the Third Eye, the

Pineal Gland, by always thinking of You. Since we have begun

thinking of You our eye is increasingly single and our

discernment is ever clearer and more correct.


As we remember You through our prayer, study, and

sacrifice, our consciousness is being purified, expanded, and

we are behaving in a more polite, even-tempered, and self-

controlled manner. Thank You for passing down a message

that is freeing us from desire and egoism.


Through association with You, the Most Pure, our Pineal

Gland is decalcified, and as a consequence, our consciousness

is purified. Purified consciousness is consciousness at Its

original state of eternality, unlimited comprehension, and



We do not want to die because we are the soul, and the soul is

eternal. However, our daily routine of relating as a body,

mind, intellect, or ego illusions cause us to relate to birth,

death, and rebirth as our reality. 


We want to be happy because we are the soul, and the soul

is Supreme Awareness, beyond Silence. It is imperturbable

infinite, ecstatic bliss. Thank You for helping us arrive home

to You, the Eternal, Immutable Supreme Self of all.