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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You 5

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.


We think of You as the Eternal, Omnipotent, Omnipresence. Death is a myth.

You and You alone are eternally the same pervading and transcending all

Galaxies, all Time and all Space. Thank You for giving us this ability to

compose and offer to You this humble praise.


Always thinking of You, The Most Pure, positively changes our thinking

while it simultaneously cleanses our lower consciousness and revives our

character to its original Divine Nature. 


We think of You as the Intelligence pervading and

transcending the space in which the Cosmic

Manifestations have their beginning, maintenance

and annihilation. Other than You, our Supreme

Intelligence, the Changeless Witness of all, there is

none worthy of worship.


By always thinking of You we are changing our

consciousness for the Best. We think of You as without

limits, without form, without name. Yet, there is nowhere

where You are not and no name that You are not within.

Thinking of You, we transcend frustration, despair,

depression, and other sufferings of Maya. 


By surrendering all to You, being Your true follower,

gradually we transcend desire and desirelessness, and all

other duality. We begin seeing and experiencing You as our

One Supreme Awareness, within and beyond the many the more

we think of You.


Gradually, we transcend the power of Maya, the illusory

force that can hold us in the sin and bondage of ignorance.

Our deepest gratitude to You for revealing to us how to

practically remember You who pervades and transcends the

Totality of all Beings and Being.  


Surrendering all our activities to You is working for You and

becoming completely absorbed in You. As we are absorbed in

You, all selfish concerns are left behind.


By this spiritual practice of remembering You, we are

becoming reabsorbed in You. As a result, we are returning to

You, here, in the eternity of now, this moment.  


We think of You as the Supreme Being of the forces which we

experience internally and externally. By surrendering all to

You, our Savior, we are clarifying our consciousness and

casting off impurities of consciousness that subject us to

negative forces.


Purified consciousness brings in its wake, charity,

compassion, and true love, love of Supreme Being. This

causes us to lift up the standards of our world and put it on

par with the best the universe has known.


You are the goal and purpose of True Education. Education

without knowledge of Self is nonsense leading to more

nonsense. Nonsense cannot get us out of Maya. Thank You

You for setting us back on Your path of Wisdom, Justice, and



Thoughts of You purify our consciousness and enlighten our

path to freedom, security, prosperity, and peace. Thank You

for telling us, showing us, and involving us in real education.

Education. This education liberates us from the hells of



We think of You as the eternal energy within and beyond the

temporary existence of the mental and material worlds. All

levels of consciousness are within You. Thank You for teaching

us how to consciously live in You. Slowly, we are aligning with You

and returning to living in harmony with all that exists.


Always thinking of You is the spiritual practice that cleanses the

vileness off of our consciousness. As this happens, the true brilliance

of our original Divinity shines through. In Its light, we see clearly that

we all do have a Moral Center. The corners and the foundation of of this

Moral Center consists of Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace.


We fix our mind on You by always thinking of You. As a consequence,

there is continuous cleansing of our Pineal Gland. The more this gland is

in harmony with You, the more our will aligns with Your will, the way of



We offer You our hopes, our dreams, our plans, our schemes.

We offer You our nights our days our hopes and our praise.

Thus, as we fix our mind on You, and rise out of the hell

consumed conditions of Maya


All Merciful, Supreme Being of the cosmos, all we have ever

needed, all we need now, and all we will ever need is You.

Spiritual intelligence demands that we use every means and

resource at our command to come back into consciousness of



Our primary concern here is to always think of You, transcend

the illusory worlds, Maya, and come back Home to You, our

Eternal Life of unlimited bliss and comprehension. We have begun this

inner journey by always thinking of You.