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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You  4

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

   You are pervading and transcending

every atom, proton, neutron, electron,

subatomic particle all vibrations, and

the spaces between them. You are the

Source of all Sacredness, and the only

One worthy of worship.


     Our Divinity unfolds from within as we, 

awakening in Your Silence, and service.

    By surrendering all our thinking, feeling,

willing, doing, all praise, and

    thanksgiving to You we are remembering

  this fact.


By always thinking of You and

 remembering You, we now have 

experience that we are not the 

temporary material body with an

 eternal soul.  We are the eternal soul

permeating and transcending the 

      temporary material body.


  The True  Self is the Soul, and You, 

 our Source, are the Super Soul,

 pervading and transcending all bodies

 throughout the creation.


The source of our problems is, in our

ignorance, identifying the self to be

exclusively the material body,

consciousness, awareness, or /and

lower intelligence.


However, the Self is Eternal Intelligence,

in quality One with You, the Eternal

Light of Divine Intelligence within all. 

 This knowledge of Self  is working for

 us, solving problems, providing 

practical answers.


Moreover, we think of You as the Prime

Witness, the Purest Consciousness, the

Paramount Awareness, the Changeless

One, within, above, and beyond all the

    changes of the material worlds.


Although all have a modicum of 

resemblance to You, none can equal

 the dazzling beauty of Your 

      magnificence in Truth, Righteousness, 

Love and Peace.


All good qualities, virtues, Infinite Peace

 of Being, calmness of behavior, and 

the power to control of lower

intelligence, awareness, and

consciousness by Higher Intelligence,

have their source in You.


We think of You as the Most Pure and

 All Attractive, our Common Ground, 

and our Shared Source. You have

countless names and forms, and there

 is nowhere where You are not.


You pervade and transcend length, width,

depth, height, space, and time. You

cannot be taken from us by any force.

We think of You as the Source of the

power of the Sun, Moon, and Stars.


You are Greatest Witness of the Infinite

Tranquility at the foundation of all Being.

You are the Greatest Self within and

beyond all. The Cosmic Manifestation is

barely a spark from Your Infinite Splendor.

It is surely absorbed back into the

Crystal Blackness of Your Infinite Space

after its manifestation.


We think of You as the One, the eternal 

Source of unlimited bliss and knowledge. 

You, all we need, are within us, and we

are within Your Supreme Intelligence. 

 You are the Centerless Center, and 

The Infinite, Omnipresent Intelligence

 which pervades and transcends all.


By always thinking of You, and 

remembering You, we rise from the 

consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence of brutes, back to our 

     original position of Divinity, Eternal 

Pure Intelligence.


Thank You for showing us how to 

remember You during the painful

 as well as the joyful moments of life. 

You alone, constant and everlasting, 

are the only reality. You never cease

 existing and never change; all else 

is illusion.  It does not exist.


Our primary concern here is to always

 think of You, transcend the illusory

worlds, Maya, and come back Home

 to You, our Eternal Life of unlimited

bliss and tranquility. We have begun 

  this inner journey by always thinking

   of You, and remembering You. Thank 

    You for Your righteous and enlightening



We think of You as the vast Silence

 and Its Witness.  Remembering You

 in this way, we gradually reawaken

 from the illusion of Maya. 


Gradually, we are awakening to You

 and are beginning to enjoy the self 

within the Eternal Self. It is here,

 now, we do not have to die to 

experience the Self.  In fact, we

 can never die. Death is for the 

 body, not for us, the Soul.