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Bhakti Yoga

Concentration 5

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayatri.


You are within and beyond 

"I AM"  and AUM.  You are the

    Knower of "I AM" and AUM.

We concentrate on You as the 

Omniscience, the Knower of the

     Silence that remains after I AM and 



We transcend suffering and rise due

 to remembrance of You.  We remember

   You by thinking of You and concentrating

 on You.  


You are the Most Pure.  By

 concentrating on You, we are

 awakening,  purifying lower

 intelligence and aligning 

awareness and consciousness with

You.  This is our  methodology for 

reawakening to You, our original 



You are the Source of Ecstatic, 

Vibrational Inner and outer joy.  

Satisfaction and fulfillment come 

 from You alone. Concentrating on 

   You, we have begun to gradually

 experience this reality.


    You, the Most Pure and Fulfilling, 

saturate and exceed our 

consciousness, awareness, and 



Concentrating on You 

 as the Omnipresent Light of Divine

   Intelligence, we understand, as well 

as experience, how it is possible that

You saturate and exceed all.


We concentrate on You as the Source

of Self-identity. We are the Eternal

Soul currently pervading and

transcending this material body.

The body does not endure. We

never cease existing.


You, the Omnipresent, Omniscient,

Omnipotent One, are our Supreme

Eternal Soul, pervading and

transcending all bodies, conscious,

 intellects, and all intelligence.


We thank You again and yet again

for revealing to us how to concentrate

on You through prayer, study,

sacrifice, service, and right association.

This is all centered in You.


Thank You: For revealing to us how

 to concentrate on You, without asking

 for anything.  Further, thank You

    for awakening our discrimination and 

        for leading us on the right path to reach 

        You, while being an unselfish blessing to



Our concentration focuses on learning

more about our History, Your names,

 fame, paraphernalia, and pastimes.

 Also, through people, places,

 circumstances, things, and other 

beings, we concentrate on You.


Our sacrifice is our offering all 

we think, feel, will, say, and do, to You.

Gradually our concentrating on You 

 increases to the point of our being able 

 to meditate on You.


Concentrating on You involves

focusing the thoughts on You. Slowly

we screen out thoughts other than

those that remind us of You. Gradually

we are able to meditate on You, beyond 



Meditating on You is an evolution of 

concentrating on You.  It involves 

transcending all thoughts, focusing 

entirely on You, and gradually

 awakening in our unity with You.


One of the ways we concentrate on

You is by recalling that You are

Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and

Omniscient, the Supreme, within

    and beyond all names, forms, times,

and circumstances.


To the degree we are purified and

free of thoughts other than thoughts

of You, and we are concentrating on

You; we are making spiritual

progress, awakening to You, our

Supreme Being.


Gradually, as we concentrate on You, 

we are seeing that there is no other; 

there is only You. Concentrating on

You as such is a simple yet profound 

tool for purifying our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence. Thus, we 

are freed from the sin, bondage, and

 suffering caused by lust, anger, greed,

 illusion, madness, and envy.


 You, the Changeless One, are within and 

beyond all things and all things are 

within You.  Our spiritual practice 

of concentrating on You is 

   accomplished through prayer, study,

    sacrifice (chanting Your Holy Names),

 service (offering all to You), right 

association, and meditation.