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Bhakti Yoga

Concentration 4

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayatri.


We concentrate on You as the Eternal

Omniscience, within and beyond all

 names.  Often we are addressing You 

as "The Omnipresent, Eternal Light

of Divine  Intelligence."


You are within and beyond Knower, 

 Knowledge, Knowing, and Known.

As a consequence of concentrating on

 You as such, we are increasingly able 

to be in the spiritual world, though

seemingly in the material world. 


We concentrate on You as the Supreme

 Being of our greatest understanding,

 the Source of Infinite Peace.  When we

 reach a point where our understanding

 is unclear, we can still experience 

Your Tranquil Presence, and 

understanding comes.


 As we concentrate on You, we are

    experiencing the fact that Your Infinite 

     Peace is ours.  It is within and outside of 

everything including the Nothingness 

        which exists between subatomic particles.


We concentrate on You as within and 

beyond all degrees, circles and squares.

There is no person, place, or thing 

where You are not present.


We concentrate on You as the Light on,

and in, the knower of consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence.  There is 

One who knows what is inside of 

Consciousness, Awareness, and

 intelligence.  This is the Eternal, 

   Divine Light, the Omniscience of You.


We are concentrating on You as the 

knower of the Light of Divine 

Intelligence.  Studying about You,

 praying to  You and offering all to 

You, we are concentrating on You; in

     so doing, we awakening to the Eternal 

world of Tranquil Bliss. 


We are concentrating on You as that 

Light of Divine Intelligence which

 is eternally awake, within and 

beyond the one who is awake, the

 one who dreams, and the one who is

 in deep sleep.


We concentrate on You as the Light

 of Divine Intelligence within and

 beyond all works of Art and Science:

monumental and seemingly



We are concentrating on You as the

 Divine Light in which all Silence is 

contained. When we concentrate 

on Silence, we see that It is in a 

      light of knowingness.  You are this 



We concentrate on You by listening to

 the soundless sound of the infinite 

frequencies of Silence.  Concentrating 

like this, we are purifying our 

consciousness of thoughts, becoming 

quiet and ever more focused on You.


 Bare awareness is a concentration 

practice leading to meditation.  It is 

the spiritual practice of focusing

 scant attention on persons,  places,

 and things while not allowing

 thoughts about them to linger nor

 draw our attention into them. 


We concentrate on You as the Most

 Subtle One who pervades, transcends 

and gives knowledge and energy to 

 protons, neutrons, electrons, all 

sounds and Silence.


You are the knower of AUM and

 the Knower of the Light in which

 Aum exists.  Concentration on You 

as this, our Consciousness quiets 

purifies, and clarifies.  With this

 state of Being, we are able to discern 

Your Omnipresence ever better



We concentrate on You as the One,

 Omnipresent Omniscience, Eternal,

 Supreme Intelligence, the Greatest 

Seer, the All Seeing Eye, the One, 

within and beyond all.


 We concentrate on You as this Light 

of Divine Intelligence in which 

concentration exists. You are the 

  Light of Divine Intelligence, the One

     beyond knowing, while knowing this 

concentration exists.


We concentrate, seeing consciousness

 as bare, empty of thoughts, pure, 

before the arrival of thoughts or after

 thoughts have cleared out as a result of 

our spiritual practice. 


We concentrate on You as the knower 

and beyond of the Silence that remains 

after I AM.  Verily, this is the One who 

pervades and transcends all material

 and spiritual fashions, formlessness,

     forms and circumstances.