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About Us 

Know The Selfless, Immortal, Omnipresent Reality, which exists within Itself, One Divinity in all, Pure Awareness, in and beyond its vast and variegated costumes, disguises, and levels of consciousness.

Infinite freedom, true liberation, is Absolute. It is realized as we purify our awareness and are beyond I, AM, AUM, Silence, unconsciousness, consciousness, coming, going, rising, falling, knowledge, ignorance, enlightenment, experiencing, witnessing, misery and bliss. We are healed, healthy, absolute awareness, whole again.


  You, the divine source of all radiance and beauty, are the goal of our endeavours and the Ground of Being at the root of all consciousness.

  Divine centered prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right association, and meditation are some of the spiritual instruments we use to raise our intelligence and cleanse our consciousness.

The more the consciousness is purified and freed from anger, lust, greed, the more we realize our original nature of compassion, love and charity for all living beings.

  Although compassion, charity and love for all sentient beings is a high state of consciousness, it is far from our ultimate objective.

Our ultimate goal is You, Infinite Stillness of Supreme Being, full of unlimited bliss and knowledge, avaliable here, now, in this present moment.

Although so many levels of consciousness emanate from You, You are never diminished in the least. You, The Source, pervade and transcend all, eternally.

Although so many levels of consciousness emanate from You, You are never diminished in the least. You, The Source, pervade and transcend all, eternally.

You always remain the same, throughout the creation, mantainance and annihilation of the cosmic manifestation.

You are the same changeless, completely whole, eternally the complete balance.

By meditating on You our consciousness is gradually cleansed of all impurities, and we are increasingly wise and kind to all sentient beings.

 As we more critically study, deconstructing and reconstructing the knowledge of our Self, the deeper we go into the truth about God, the universe and others.

Using the consciousness cleansing process, the spiritual practice of God centered prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right association and meditation, we are empowered to see the material world for what it is, an illusion.

To the degree that the consciousness cleansing process is practically applied in ones life, one gradually reaizes that the lower self, although currently more or less in amnesia, is eternally in union with the highest self, Divine Consciousness.

When we practically apply the consciousness cleansing process, the spiritual practice, offered through this site, our thoughts are settled and clarified.

Moreover, through this consciousness cleansing process our intelligence is sharpened, our amnesia is eradicated. 

Most importantly, through this process of cleansing the consciousness of lust, anger, and greed we realize who we are

Everlasting Omnipresent Peace, eternal spirit being, of the nature of unlimited bliss and knowledge.

We make ourselves and our worlds better by surrendering to YOU, Pure Consciousness, and calling out YOUR Holy Names.

We transcend the illusion and remain where we have always been, and always will be, here, now, in YOUR eternal presence, by our spiritual practice.

This spiritual practice revolves around chanting Your Holy Names and surrendering all to You, constantly.

The spiritual practice offered through this site, Everlasting Omnipresent Peace, is centered in sacrifice/surrender of all we think, feel, will, say and do to Divine Consciousness.

  A byproduct of the development of Divine Consciousness is warm heartedness and compassion toward all sentient beings. 

Like most sentient beings, we have had to choose between various good choices for self realization, knowing that the good can always be better and better can evolve to the best. 

The path of Everlasting Omnipresent Peace is our current best offering to You.

 By Your Grace, we have made that choice which makes the best sense as it relates to the accomplishment of our ultimate goal, realization of Supreme Consciousness.

That choice, for us, is the spiritual Practice which consists of the various methods offered on this site through Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.  

We respect all religious and spiritual beliefs, ancient, secular, and modern, not simply tolerating them, but embracing the best that is within them.

We build upon the good from various schools of thought and various forms of spiritual disciplines which, historical evidence declares, is from the same source, Kemet.

Through common sense and spiritual research, we have accepted developement of our Divinity as the most intelligent purpose of the material existence and the ultimate goal of our lives.

Our Divinity is also known to us as Pure Consciousness, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Eternal Silence.

This true spirituality, articulated by our Most Righteous Ancestors begins with the knowledge that the self is not the material body.

The Self is, according to the Righteous ancestors, is beyond the body, mind, intellect and ego; it is the eternal soul which pervades and transcends the material body and the various levels of mental, intellectual and egotistical consciousness.

You are the birthless, the deathless, the true Spirituality which pervades and transcends religions, cultures, names, forms and all sorts of dualities.

 Fixing our mind on You, through constant remembrance, empowers us to look at all aspects of life, while clearly articulating practical means for realizing the solution, which is You, the most noble, ultimate goal of life, Pure Consciousness.

We know, if we are to become exceedingly better persons, awakening our dormant love for Pure Consciousness is and must be the ultimate goal of our life. 

We are achieving the ultimate goal of life, pure consciousness, by dedicating all our endeavors to YOU, Supreme Reality, the Supreme Pure and Most Powerful Reality.

We accept the premise that our consciousness, or heart of being, which is originally pure, is in need of serious cleaning if we are to become exceedingly better persons who eventually realize the Consciousness of Divinity.

We have chosen Everlasting Omnipresent Peace as the methodology for Divine Realization. It is giving us the most practical process for cleansing our consciousness.

 This process, the spiritual practice of Everlasting Omnipresent Peace, offers a very practical means for realizing Peace and fulfillment here, now in this present moment; thank You countless times over for revealing it to us.

The spiritual practice offered by Everlasting Omnipresent Peace is a self-realizing, enlightening process.

It brings in its wake a greater appreciation of what Pure Consciousnes is, what our true relationship with Pure Consciousness is, and how to approach and realize Pure Consciousness.

 While simultaneously rekindling and increasing our dormant respect, love, and realization of God, Divine Providence, this spiritual practice empowers us to be more compassionate and productive members of our society.

As we go deeper into the Truths presented at this site, our consciousness as individuals is increasingly cleansed of the contaminating influence of bodily identification. 

Gradually, as the consciousness is transformed and purified of negative influences, we come to recognize, respect and love You, the all pervasive Universal Self, our highest aspiration and realization.

We more easily enter directly into the service of Supreme Consciousness as we increasingly think, feel, will, say and do all in remembrance of Supreme Consciousness. 

Through this spiritual practice of constant remembrance we gradually reestablish our spirituality.

The realizable goal of our spirituality is reawakening to our ancient relationship of conscious union with You, our Imageless, Supreme Being.

By studying the offerings of praise and thanksgiving presented at this site, we learn to transform our lives by transforming our consciousness.

To the extent our consciousness is transformed from the foundation up, we realize the true self pervading and transcending the ego, intellect, mind, and body. 

The true self, which is realized through the consciousness transforming process offered on this site, is the unborn, unsuffering, undying witness of the temporary activities of the illusory worlds.

At this site we are reminded that the body, although not the self, is the temporary habitat of the lower self, and is one of the temples that our Supreme, eternal, Spirit pervades and transcends.

This Supreme omnipresent Spirit is realizable and available here, now, as the Omnipresent Silence of Supreme Being.

Omnipresent Silence of Supreme Being is a truly beautiful experience. We experience it evermore as the consciousness is purified through this spiritual practice of submitting all to You constantly.

 As a consequence of associating with our Supreme Being through the spiritual Practice of constant remembrance, one becomes spiritually stronger.

As one becomes spiritually stronger, ones material body, as well as place of residence, is gradually changed into a spiritual center for the purpose of unfolding the infinite freedom of our original Divinity.

If one has any aspirations at all for realization of the freedom of spirituality, this will be a very inspiring and enlightening, a priceless experience and guide.  

 By teaching us how to associate with Divinity directly, this site shows us how to transcend all the rites, rituals, and other ceremonies, and see who we really are. 

This site teaches us how to constantly offer everything to our Supreme Being. Thus we associate with Divinity directly. 

By teaching us how to remember Divinity by offering everything to Divinity constantly, this site shows us how to transcend all the rites, rituals, and other ceremonies.

As we shed the ignorance and the transcendence comes forth, by day and night, we are liberated from illusions such as day and night, and all other dualities. 

As the ignorance of the material illusion is shed, we realize the eternal Self, here, now, in this present moment, the true nature of real life.

By teaching us how to offer everything constantly and thus associate with Divinity directly, this site shows us and how to reawaken to our eternal relationship with Divinity, Pure Consciousness and finally come together. 

 Thank You for helping us begin to realize Everlasting Omnipresent Peace, the Eternal Peace that pervades and transcends expressions of the cosmic maqnifestation. 

Studying the information presented here, with its constant improvements, is a truly edifying experience.

May The Most Righteous One continue to awaken our discrimination and lead us on the Right Path.

"Our Word "


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