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Always striving to serve You better, we are achieving our goal of Peace, light, joy, contentment, conscious union with You, our Source. We are doing this by seeing the self as spirit, always thinking of You and surrendering all to You. Thank You for teaching us how to be in the material world but detached and awakening to our spirituality simultaneously.

Living a life in remembrance of You is a life that leads to self-realisation. Self-realisation is restoration into our original wholeness, Divine Consciousness.

 Supreme Being is the Divinity that is deep inside and outside of the cosmic manifestations. A life in remembrance of You purifies us and awakens us to This Divinity of ours which is always here.

 We refer to You as the Supremely Intelligent, Inner Pilot and/or the Supreme Joy and fulfillment, the Highest, truly the Best and the Brightest. You are the foundation of the consciousness which pervades yet is always above the material nature. 

 Pervading and transcending all being throughout the cosmic manifestation, You are the ultimate purpose and goal of our spiritual restoration. Thank You for showing us how to purify our consciousness and thus transcend the sick and corrupt material world within us. 

Surrender means: all we think, all we do, all we offer, all we give away, all austerities we may perform, is done as an offering to You. This is the spiritual practice that renovates us into our original consciousness.

Through this spiritual practice of remembering You we purity our consciousness of material contamination. In so doing, we transcend the frustrations of Your illusory energy, Maya, and develop our consciousness for an eternal life full of unlimited knowledge and bliss.

To the degree we awaken, as a result of surrendering all to You, we realize, we do not have an eternal spirit, we are eternal spirit, witnessers of the comings and goings of the cosmic manifestations. 

 You pervade and transcend all names, forms, manners, and dualities. As we awaken, by constantly surrendering to You, we realize Your deathless, all pervasive, transcendental nature.

 All things work together for the good of those who reawaken their dormant love for You. Their will is increasingly in harmony with Yours, The Way of Peace, through the process of surrendering everything to You.

Thank You for teaching us how to keep Your Name in our consciousness, how to Surrender to You and how to follow Your righteousness.

 The more our consciousness is purified by submitting everything to You, we are able to see and serve You in each other as well as become detached from the illusory entanglements.

 The more we surrender to You, we reawaken and are blessed with glimpses of You in each other. We gradually realize, there is no "other". There is only "You" within and without various forms.

 Seeing that it is You within and without various forms of "The other", we serve You exclusively. Gradually we become again, living expressions of Your precious, eternal, selfless love.  

 We Praise You. We submit to You continuously. You are our Supreme Being, the Source of Supreme Love. You are the Source of Self and its realization. Thank You, for revealing to us, through Your association, our One true Self.

Due to surrendering to You, we are going inside and coming up fulfilled, realizing You, The Omnipresent reservoir of All Pleasure, as the basis of all consciousness.  

 In our poverty of intelligence we were striving after the illusion, that which does not exist. By the virtue of surrendering to You, we see that You are the only reality, and all we need for our healthy development all, else is illusion.

 You are the only permanence. Of what value is striving for that which has no endurance? You alone are the only One truly worthy of our aspirations. Please engage us in Your service by accepting our humble offering.

 Thank You for revealing to us how to always think of You with unalloyed devotion. This is surrender. It is an increasingly beautiful source of inner joy and fulfillment.

Most Unconditional Love, all praises to You and You alone. Association brings forth assimilation. Submission of all to You, at all times, living as spirit and calling out Your Names, associates the consciousness with You. This is crucial for our education, renovation and liberation into our original, infinite, consciousness.

  The greater our association with You through surrendering all to You, the more we are purified and realize our natural state of love, compassion and forgiveness. 

 Although we below are all fallible, You are the infallible within us who pervades and transcends all. Thank You for the wider and deeper apreciation of Your Most Wonderous Nature.

 We offer our humble obeisances to You, the One Supreme, Universal, Divine Spirit of the Cosmos. You pervade and transcend all vibrations and the infinite stillness of being.

 You are the One Reality at the foundation of all manifestations. We are engaged in purifying our consciousness so that we may return to being what we always are: Infinitely liberated, Pure Consciousness, the One Reality at the foundation of all manifestations.

You are known by many names, however, no name can adequately fathom, describe, or come near to enunciating Your most excellent virtues and qualities.

You are beyond names, forms, formlessness, personal or impersonal and all other dualities. It is to You, the Supreme Reality of all faiths, creeds, colors, religions, nationalities and realities, and You alone that we offer our humble obeisances and worship. 

We are victorious in the mundane, dream and spiritual worlds the more our consciousness is constantly fixed on You, our Supreme Spiritual Self.

 You are within and beyond all bodily designations, all religions, colors, and species of life. Thank You for revealing to us the process of surrender, a method of worship beyond rituals. 

 You are ever detached, pervading and transcending all mortal frames. Thank You for helping us be our best selves by surrendering to You, and thus making a humble contribution to the betterment of our universe.

You are invisible to impure consciousness. Nevertheless, You reveal Yourself as the consciousness is purified. Thank You for revealing to us how to realize Your Omnipresence through constant loving service to You. This too is another way of Surrendering to You.

You surpass all others in excellence. Thank You for awaking us and enlightening our discernment. Above all, thank You for showing us the higher knowledge of how to submit to You constantly. 

 You are our True Self, The Most High, The Ever Pure, The most brilliant Gem pervading and transcending all. Like a child offering the vastness of the universe a very small leaf or a few drops of water, we offer You our humble love and devotion.

 Our life is in You, The Supreme Guide within. By offering everything to You, with love and devotion, we fix our mind on You and gradually come to You, here, now, in this moment.

 You are the only one worthy of worship. All glories to You. Please accept, unconditionally, with love and devotion, our thinking, feeling, willing, speaking, and doing. 

It is by this spiritual practice of our righteous ancestors that we are attaining separation from the materialistic conception of life and the perfection of existence, union with You.

 You are beyond past, present, and future. Please accept our obeisance. We offer You our so-called life, our so-called death, every breath breathed into and out of the body. 

 Every illusion we have experienced, every illusion we are going through, every illusion we will experience, we offer unto You, the Most Purifying Power within. Thank You for helping us to remember to offer everything to You.

 We offer You our hopes, our dreams our plans, our schemes. We offer You our nights our days our hopes, our praise. Everything we have, we bring as an offering to You.  

 Thank You for allowing us the intelligence to offer everything to You. This is surrender; this is submission; this is sanity. This process enables us to do ever greater good for the benefit of all. 

 Surrender to You means that we forgo temporary sense gratification, no matter how dear, for the sake of keeping You, our true nature, increasingly near. This helps us become ever stronger, united in You, our Eternal Liberation. 

 By surrendering all to You, who are above the material nature, we associate with You. In this way our consciousness is cleansed of misidentification with the nonsense ego which identifies with that which is temporary, that which truly does not exist.

 May we forever keep our minds fixed on You, identifying with the Spirit by surrendering all to You. In this way, we will continue to reawaken to our eternal free position of infinite bliss and knowledge.  

 You are the Supreme Intelligence at the foundation of the intelligence of all. By persevering in surrendering to You, we develop deeper discernment and greater equanimity as we cross the illusory ocean of birth, death, and rebirth.  

Always thinking of You, who are the eternal witness of all our thinking, feeling, and doing, has proven to be the surrender that purifies our consciousness; as this happens, we are liberated from the illusions of anger, envy, and covetousness, and they are replaced with compassion, goodwill, and charity.   

 When all that we think, feel, will and do is surrendered to You, our consciousness is purified and freed from slavery to attachments. Thus, our consciousness is cleansed and liberated of the illusions of hatreds and desires.

By surrendering to You alone, we reawaken to the delusions of the material world; our consciousness is freed from the propensity to be

tempted, intoxicated and bound up by the insane sensuous attractions of the material and mental worlds.

 Submitting to You causes us to think of You, purifies the consciousness of wrong concepts such as the self is a body, mind, intellect, or an ego, and helps us come back into consciousness of You.  

Surrendering all to You fixes the mind on You and purifies it of unedifying insanities, such as the self is a race, color, nationality, religion or even a particular species of life. The purifying power of always thinking of You, is the secret to purifying, controlling and realizing freedom from the materially contaminated and enslaving, illusory mind.

We knew not what to do about the our temporary condition of sin -sick soulness until we became serious and began trying to always think of You, surrendering all to You. 

    You are the beneficiary of all our surrender. This helps us to always think of You. Always thinking of You is healing us of the sickness of self ignorance, the root cause of all suffering.

When all that we think, feel, will and do is done as submission to You, we are purified of anger, lust, and greed, the contaminants of consciousness.

        We are the sheep. You are the Shepherd. By surrendering all to You, we associate with You, the Eternally Pure, who are always detached from illusions. Thus, we come to the stage of disassociation with the corrupt world of Maya and advance evermore in spiritual consciousness.

Association with You frees us from slavery to insatiable desire for sense gratification which exacerbates our spiritual poverty. Thank You for leading us in this surrendering which is bringing us ever closer in association with You and ever- increasing spiritual enrichment. 

You are of Limitless Power, and are the internal guide and leader of all. Submission to You, frees us from the illusory strangulating hold of anger, lust, and greed, the brigands who rob us of our loving relationship with You and thus causes us all kinds of sufferings.

The more we surrender to You, the greater is the development of our self-confidence, calmness, patience, and determination to reestablish our loving relationship with You. 

Spiritual life , revolving around surrendering all to You, gives us the time, space, and peace of mind, to constantly engage our life in spiritual cultivation while we perform our mundane duties.

  Surrender/Submission to You is one of our primary tools for becoming free from the bonds of desire and gaining liberation from the miseries of repeated birth and death in the diseased, corrupt, world of Maya. 

  Surrendering all to You transforms us from beings of anger to beings of compassion, from beings of greed to beings of charity, from beings of lust to beings of Love.

 As a consequence of surrendering all to You, we are realizing enlightenment. To us, You are the Source of significant roots in the civilizations of the universe and the foundation of all enlightenment.

  You are the reservoir of all pleasure, our innermost reality, the very basis of all consciousness and the Source of all true culture/self-refinement. 

 When we are able to constantly remember You, as a result of surrendering all of our thinking, feeling, willing, and doing to You, the greater is the purification of our existence.

Mind and its Control can be attained by fixing the mind on You. This can be accomplished by the spiritual practice of calling out Your Name and surrendering all that we think, feel, will and do to You. This is the surrender that liberates into infinity.

 Thank You for revealing to us a methodology for purifying our consciousness and for increasing our wisdom and by surrendering all to You. This spiritual practice is giving our life real meaning and purpose.

 Surrendering all to You allows us more intimate association with You. Our consciousness becomes pure, wholesome and noble again by associating with You. Thank You for revealing to us scientific methods of associating with You.

Thank You for showing us how we can surrender all to You and thus work for the welfare of all sentient beings throughout our universe.

The most important sacrifice we can make is simply fixing our mind on You. In this way, we tap into Your unlimited reservoir of enlightenment. 

 Surrendering all to You fixes the mind on You, purifies our consciousness, frees us from vanity and the mentality that attaches us to temporary joys and sorrows.

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