Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                                Welcome to Our Word                                                                                   A Spiritual Legacy
                                  An offering of  Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace 

          Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

           Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

                 Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha.

We think of You as the nameless One, within and beyond all names.  You are Supreme 

Awareness, the Most Moral and Intellectual, the Eternal Omnipresent Reality residing 

within and beyond all Being and beings throughout the universe.  Surely, You are the 

Omnipresent Center and Causeless Source of Strength and Unity in all Beings.

We are not the material body.  We are Eternal Energy, Spirit, also known as Awareness.  

We concentrate on You as the One, Eternal, Supreme Awareness, in and beyond the 

universe.  We think of You as the One Supreme, Eternal Energy or Spirit, Source of all 

Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace.  In the last analysis, we see that Awareness is the 

last word.  It is aware of Aum and everything else, including Its own Awareness.

We think of  You as the One Enduring Spiritual Principle, the All Attractive Love. 

Within and beyond all genders, non-genders and species of life,  You are the One 

Fundamental Quintessence, the One that is within and beyond gross and subtle, nouns and 

pronouns.  You are the Indescribable Non Duality, Supreme Absolute, beyond personal, 

impersonal, and transcendental concepts of Being.  

From within, we personally experience and comprehend Your reality as our

 consciousness and awareness are cleansed, purified, and harmonized with You.  This is 

done by our spiritual practice of always thinking of You.  Thank You for working with  us, 

helping us to see and apply the many ways we can always think of You.  Gradually we

awaken out of Maya.  Gradually we return to You, Supreme Enlightenment.

By this spiritual practice of always thinking of You, and concentrating on You, we purify

 our consciousness of attachment to Maya.  Gradually limited designation identification of 

the self, along with its concomitant fear, is cleansed from our consciousness; we awaken 

from Maya, the "House of Bondage" and come back to You.  

We think of You as never born, never dying, and always everywhere. We can begin this 

Spiritual Practice by Mantra and Bhakti Yoga, calling out Your names, and offering all to 

You.  Eventually we are empowered to meditate on You as Silence, and Awareness, Its

Eternal, Supreme, Attributeless, Witness.  

Thank You for showing us how to see, with equal vision. You, underlying, pervading, and 

transcending all, are the Source of the better life.  Remembering You and reawakening 

to Your tranquil reality is the "Something else" we can do to purify our consciousness of 

wickedness, and solve the problem of injustice and imbalance within ourselves 

and throughout our universe.  

Doing comes from willing.  Willing comes out of feeling.  Feeling comes from thought.  

Thought comes out of consciousness, after coming in through the influence of the memory 

of various combinations of sense impressions.  Association with You, by always thinking of 

You, purifies our consciousness and strengthens It against the entrance and influence of 

those negative, unhealthy, sense impressions.

We think of negative sense impressions as those remembrances of sense association which 

contaminate the thoughts with desires that poison the consciousness with anger, lust, and 

greed.   Those kind of thoughts drag the consciousness away from union with You and 

drops It into the ever bottomless pit of Maya.

Thoughts of wickedness come from consciousness poisoned by anger, lust, and greed.

Those three are fed into consciousness primarily by the kind of education, 

entertainment, and other types of association that is accepted and promoted by society.

Association with You, by always thinking of You, cleanses the consciousness bringing it 

back to compassion, love, and charity on Its return to You, Pure Awareness.  So, our 

education, entertainment, and association should be edifying.  It should help us to always 

think of You.

We meditate on You as Silence and the Awareness of all.  Focusing from the Seat 

of Consciousness, the Pineal Gland, we as awareness, see and hear the sound of 

the omnipresent, infinite, frequencies of Silence.  If the mind wanders or tries to entertain 

thoughts that take the consciousness away from its focus on You, we bring it back to the 

Sound of Silence and the Awareness of all.  We are using Silence and the Awareness of all 

just as we use Mantras to control our mind and focus it on You.

  The consciousness, in Its original pure state, has no thoughts, only revelations from You.  

We know they are from You because they lead us back to You, the Most Pure and 

Beneficial Source of all.  By meditating on You as Silence and the Awareness of all, we 

return to You, the Source of Silence and the Awareness of all.

When we are in ignorance, we think the body is the Self.  One of the methods we use to bring consciousness back to Its original pure state is by meditating on Silence and the Awareness of all.  To do this, we see the self as awareness looking out from the center of the head, at the Pineal Gland.  This Gland is linked to the Sahasrara, the Gateway to You, Eternal, Infinite Consciousness and Awareness.

Meditation on Silence and Awareness of all, means, when the consciousness attempts to 

entertain un-edifying thoughts, thoughts that do not help us remember You, we bring the 

consciousness back to Awareness of the Infinite frequencies of Silence and the space 

between them.  This is the totality of what is commonly known as Silence.  It is also known 

as Eternal, Indestructible Peace, the nature of the consciousness before the fall into Maya.  

The immutable, Indestructible, Awareness that observes this Peace is Sourced in You.  

Meditation practice is a scientific process of keeping the consciousness free of wicked 

thoughts by fixing It on You.  Wicked thoughts are thoughts contaminated with lust, anger, 

and greed.  They distract us away from You, into the house of evil, suffering, and 

slavery, Maya. 

We think of You as Eternal, All Mighty, Pure Awareness.  You are Infinitely 

Knowledgeable, the Most Righteous, and Infinitely Free of all flaws.  Thank You 

foteaching us the importance of doubting, and thinking independently and critically 

about everything, including Karma, Maya, and You.

We see that Awareness, more subtle than the space between thoughts and the frequencies 

of Silence, within and beyond non-luminous and luminous, is calmly and dispassionately 

   listening and observing everything, including this experience of Silence and of Itself as 

   Awareness. Thank You for helping us to come back to our original Love of Righteousness 

                       and our union with You, the Most Brilliant and Source of the Best Education.

By this association with the experience of Silence, our consciousness becomes Quiet and 

Still again.  In this process of meditating on Silence, we are using Stillness to return to 

Supreme Stillness.  Our means and ends are synonymous.  Thank You for being here as the 

Eternally Consistent Foundation upon which we rebuild our Divine Consciousness.  We are 

doing this as an offering to You.  Thus, we are working out our salvation with diligence        
                                                                 for the benefit of all.

This practice of meditating on Silence, is the process of using Silence, as we use Mantra, to 

control, clean, focus our consciousness, and guide it back to You.  This is the way we 

transcend negative thoughts, purify our consciousness, and reawaken to our consciousness 

with You.  Thank You for showing us clearly that the real struggle is to cleanse the 

wickedness from within our own consciousness.  We do this by always thinking of 


We think of You as Eternally Preeminent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent.  By 

thinking of You, concentrating on You and meditating on You as Silence and the Awareness

 of all, we purify our consciousness and awareness.  Gradually we come back to conscious

 with You, our One, Eternal, Supreme Awareness, within, encompassing, above, and 

              greater than all. 

Concentrating, focusing, meditating on Silence and Awareness means, we observe and 

listen, similar to the way many of us listen to music.  If the mind wanders off because of the 

attraction of a thought, we bring it back to Silence and Awareness.  At a certain point, we 

enjoy being back to Stillness of Being. This is the way we meditate on You as Silence and 

Awareness and return to You, the Most Brilliant Source of Silence and Awareness.

Always thinking of You, concentrating of You, and meditating on You is the Operating 

System, the means, we use to purify, guide, and restore our awareness to Conscious 

union with You.  It guides our consciousness from conflict back to Purity and Sanity.  

Gradually we return to the Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace of union with You, the 

Source of all Self Cultivation, Culture, Cultures, and Divine Civilizations.  

Seeing the self as Spirit or Energy, and You as the Most Righteous Source of all 

Energy, is the Source of the intelligence of this Means, this Operating System.  It cleanses 

our consciousness and returns us to the Supreme Peace of  Union with You.

We think of You as the Most Perfect One, the Source of Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.  

We come together around You as the Best Knower and Unifier, the Most Excellent Goal of 

of all Knowledge and Endeavors.  Thank You for showing us how to unite our integrity 

ever more perfectly by always thinking of You. This is the path of Perfect Unity and 

Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.

We think of You, as the Source of Supreme Unity, the Most Attractive Force within 

and beyond the Cosmic opposites of matter or spirit, wet or dry, light or dark;  up 

or down, male, female, birth, death, or any other definitions or dualities.  Assuredly, You 

are the Imperturbable, Immutable, Supreme Absolute, within, encompassing, and Beyond 


We think of You as the Most Resplendent and attractive in all ways, means, and fashions.  

We believe that all knowledge, knowers,  knowing, and known, arise, develop, and demise

 in You.  You are our Supreme Being, One without a second, within and beyond impersonal,

 personal, and all personalities

 We think of You, as the One, Immovable, Most Patience and Steadfast, Unchangeable 

Source of all intelligence.  Consciousness,  awareness,  power, and Eternal Vibratory Bliss, 

are all within You. You are their Source. The Last Witness of  the infinite regressive 

           argument about Your origin is You.

We think of You as the Omnipresent One, the Most Efficient and Effective, at the base of 

all consciousness. Thank You for helping us to get right, inside, outside, and beyond, to the 

realm beyond relativity, back to our life of Supreme Absolute.  We meditate on You as the 

Silence and the One Supreme Witness of all.

The more we think of You our consciousness is purified of anger, lust, and greed.  As this 

happens our understanding grows, we are able to be more kind, loving and forgiving

toward all sentient beings, and we are evermore qualified to awaken from Maya's networks

           of frustrating illusions. 

Thank You for teaching us that the best things we can do for ourselves is to know ourselves 

 as pure spirit, free from all designations; to offer all to You, have faith in ourselves as Your 

part and partials, to think critically for ourselves and to always think of You, critically.

We meditate on You as the Supreme Witness of Silence and Awareness.  This is the 

meditation practice that is being driven home throughout Our Word.  It is proving to be 

a key for awakening us out of Maya to the Ever Accessible Reality of Your Loving 

Presence.   As this happens we are always stronger and able to be ever freer from Your 

illusory energy, Maya.

 We think of  You as the Completely Perfect Source of all Goodness and Mercy whose Love 

Endures Forever.  Furthermore, You are the Supreme Unity and Witness of every

 experience in and out of the diversity of forms and levels consciousness

 Thank You for directing us to always think of You, see the consciousness as energy, the self 

as Awareness, and to serve You through our work. We know, from our research, 

observation, and experience that this is what we have to do to understand the Self first.  T

us, this is infinitely more important and rational than trying to understand the universe 

            and everything else first.

In the Spirit of this One, our Eternal, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Divine, Gye Nyame, 

whom we think of as pervading and transcending the Infinite Cosmic Manifestations,  

eternally, we greet You in, and as, Everlasting, Omnipresent, Blissful Peace.  This is our 

original position, our primeval nature, our Home.  This is where we really belong.

Repeatedly,  from many different perspectives and angles, Our Word, emphasizes the fact 

that we have fallen into illusion, thinking the body to be the self.  We could not be more 

incorrect.  The body, along with the senses, mind, intellect, and ego are all  temporary.  

They change, they come and go.  That cannot be real.  To be real, there must be unceasing,

 eternal endurance, no diminution.

We think of You, as beyond the beyond, the Supreme Awareness of the comings and goings 

of Solar Systems, Silence, Space, Nothing, and Awareness ad infinitum.  We think of You as 

the Ultimate Witness of the witnessing beyond the end of time.  We think of You, as 

the Everlasting Witness of the space within which the universes are generated, maintained, 

and dissolved.

We know You as the One within and beyond all standards of measurement.   Never covered 

by clouds of denseness or ignorance, You are the Supreme Light within and beyond all

 consciousness and awareness.  Thank You for accepting our modest attempts to describe 

 and praise You.

Moreover, we think of You as the Ultimate Solution to the vast and variegated 

problems.  Moreover, we think of  You as the Prime Witness, the Paramount  Awareness, 

the Changeless One, within, above, and beyond all changes.

We think of You as the Real Self, changeless, never subject to  birth, disease, old-

age, and death.  You are within and beyond animate and inanimate being. We think of  You 

as the Eternal Witness of All and Nothing.  The Eternal, of Unlimited Knowledge, 

Comprehension, and Ecstatic Bliss,  we think of  You as This.

 We think of  You as  Sat Chid Ananda the nature of the true Self.  We have knowledge, 

observation, and above all, experience of this fact.  Undoubtedly, we have some 

experience of  Your existence and we will continue thinking of  You as the Supreme Self, the 

One Indivisible, Eternal Witness, pervading, transcending, and Illuminating all.  

We  think of You as the Most Holy, the Source of all Morality and Grace, and the Supreme 

Absolute.  Thank You for teaching us how to bring forth our love for You, how to

serve You, how to think of You, and how to meditate on You.  Through this 

spiritual practice, we love and serve all sentient beings.  Through loving and serving You,

we render the best love and service to all Sentient Beings.

This conversation, Our Word, is our Redemption Song in Glorification, Prayer, and 

Thanksgiving to You.  It is positive action for our salvation from the spiritual, intellectual, 

mental, and physical stress, strain, pain, and other sufferings of the worlds of illusion, 

Maya.  These hardships are inflicted on us in Maya because of our own lust, anger, 

and/or greedy thoughts, words, and/or deeds.  

Thank You for showing us how to purify our consciousness by remembering You.  Thus, 

we gradually discontinue making bad Karma.  In this way, we are learning how to 

gain pardon from our negative Karma.  That is our own ignorant activity.  It causes us to 

be more or less  enslaved in the sufferings of Maya.  Truly, it is  under the influence of the 

ignorance of own selfish, negative thoughts, that we became entrapped in the pain and 

other miseries of the illusory worlds, Maya. 

 Maya, the illusion that tricks the ego and mind, leads and entangles us ever deeper 

into the frustration and despair of spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical suffering, is 

insidious and very powerful.  Being trapped in Maya is our own doing,  our own Karma. 

 You, the source of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, light, and life, are the only 

power strong enough, in all ways, to free us from Maya's unrelenting power.

 It is You alone who is satisfying our deepest longings for love, satisfaction, fulfillment, and 

peace.  Our Word is a solution, a way out of  the illusory worlds.  All of these systems:  

Political, social, economic, racial, religious, etc., etc,.  are within the grand illusory system 

called, Maya, the power of the illusory worlds.  Remembrance of You, our strength, our 

Best Guide to Righteous Conduct, and our Salvation, is our way to awaken out of Maya.

Those worlds of Maya are, as many of us can attest, full of the sufferings of  birth, 

disease, old-age, and death.  They are the source of  the wicked thoughts that lead us to bad 

behavior.  That leads to further entrapment in the wicked sufferings of Maya.  One can 

suffer in Maya in all states of consciousness, even dream states.

 Through remembrance of You, our Greatest Ideal, offering You everything, and simply 

remembering to call out one of  Your numerounames, is enough to ward off evil, wicked 

thoughts, words, deeds, and dreams.  Chanting Your names and trying to remember You 

with patience and determination, can awaken us out of Maya controlled exterior and 

interior worlds.

 Our impurity of consciousness and ignorance of Self causes us to commit harmful deeds to 

others.  Because of ignorance and impurity, we are just too morally weak to ward off  

the selfish and wicked thoughts which cause evil words, and deeds.  Our bad deeds cause 

suffering to enter our life. Our good deeds cause joy to enter our life. 

Good deeds alone are not sufficient to awaken us from Maya.  We have to reenter Maya to 

reap the results of our good deeds, just like we have to come back to Maya in order to reap 

the results of our bad deeds.  However, our good deeds done as offerings to You are free 

from Karmic results.  They cause us to awaken from Maya, and reenter Your Eternal 

Kingdom, Sat Chid Ananda.

All sentient beings are struggling with Maya.  Thank You for helping us to clean and raise 

our consciousness above the level of compassion for suffering humanity only.  All sentient 

beings are struggling with the frustrations of Maya.  All beings are suffering or enjoying 

the results of their own activity.

As we  purify our consciousness of lust, anger, and greed, we gradually awaken out of 

Maya.  As this happens, we can see humanity, as well as all sentient beings, more or less 

enslaved and suffering in Maya.  Chanting Your Holy Names with patience and 

determination is a way to awaken out of the frustrations and other sufferings of Maya.

We think of You as the Most Just, the Source of all Eyes and Ears.  Within and beyond all 

colors, Your color cannot be described, although when we have the sacred privilege of  

seeing and experiencing It, we know then and in retrospect, It is the Most Beautiful sight 

we have ever beheld and experienced.  Thank You for showing us how to be ever more Just 

by always thinking of You.

We thank our good Karma, our Ancestors, and You, for awakening our discrimination and 

guiding us in the right way to reach You.  All that we do, with our most sincere Praise 

and Thanksgiving, we offer to You.  Glorification, and Exaltation, through the Sun, Silence, 

Space, and Nothing, we submit wholly to You. 

Purity of consciousness empowers us to treat others, all others, as we would 

like to be treated.  We know, it is not how others treat us, but how we treat others that 

determines what comes back around to us.  This is the law of cause and effect, the Law of 

Karma.  However, we do not behave in this way just because it is the Law.  We do this 

because of our purity of heart/consciousness.

We think of You as within and beyond creation, maintenance, and annihilation.  As we 

associate with You by remembrance of You, our consciousness is purified.  As this 

happens, we understand and accept Karma.  Gradually, we stop complaining about 

having been treated wickedly, and we stop treating others, any others, with evil, 

exploitative, intentions. 

Our offerings to You is associating with You.   Associating with You, the Most Pure, 

purifies our consciousness of wickedness. As this happens, we cease committing wicked 

deeds, making bad Karma, and life has more meaning, feeling, and purpose

We are gradually freed from Maya's fears and addictions.  Slowly we reawaken to the 

Eternal Ecstasy of Your Divine, Tranquil, Bliss Filled Omnipresence.

Thoughts come out of consciousness.  Constant remembrance of  You purifies our 

consciousness, empowering us to ward off  wicked thoughts.  Those kind of 

thoughts will try to invade our consciousness, and dirty it.  If this is allowed to happen, 

our consciousness is pulled out of its natural state of Purity and Peace.  In that state of 

contaminated consciousness, consciously or unconsciously, we make bad Karma and slip 

ever deeper into Hell, Maya. 

To reiterate:  Our suffering or joy is the result of our own doing, our Karma, which comes 

out of our own thoughts, wicked or good.  Other people, places, things and occurrences are 

simply instruments through which our Karma, bad or good, returns. We are responsible 

for our condition.  This, to us, is the Law of the Most High.  This is Justice in the universe.

If allowed, wicked thoughts will fill our consciousness.  As that happens, our consciousness 

sinks ever deeper, into the miserable frustrations, and heavy strains of Maya's strong webs 

of entanglements.  Constant remembrance of You purifies our consciousness.  We are able 

to treat others in the spirit of Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace, as we would like to be 

treated.  In this spirit, we awaken and rise out of the bondage of Maya, Hell.

 We think of You as the Source of Wisdom, Enlightenment, and Personal Salvation and the 

Greatest Liberation, Union with You. Thank You for helping us remember You, thank You 

and praise You in all circumstances, the last thing at night, the first thing in the morning, 

and all through the day. Thank You for helping us to praise and thank You in every 

           possible way.

Indeed, constant remembrance of You purifies our consciousness, keeps unedifying 

thoughts out, and makes it steadfast against letting wicked, unwanted thoughts in.  This 

purification process of remembering You, purifies our consciousness of wicked thoughts 

and realigns it with You, again.  This is one way to awaken from Maya's hell and return

 to You.  Thank You for helping us regain purity of consciousness by remembering You. 

We think of You as the Most Unique One.   Only You know Yourself, for You are always the 

Subject even while pervading all objects.  By constantly remembering You, we are being 

purified, edified, and awakening from Maya, the illusory worlds of character 

degradation and other sorts of unlimited suffering.  

It is remembering You, our Ever Higher Consciousness, that is awakening us and 

delivering us from illusion's frustration, suffering, terror and despair.  We meditate on You 

as Silence and Its Witness, within, above, and beyond all names, forms, formlessness, and 


  We think of You as within and beyond negative, positive, something, nothing, chaos, 

order, and all other dualities.  You are indivisible, undifferentiated, Supreme and 

Absolute. There is none like You.  No partners, nor peers, have You.  

We think of You as within and beyond all concepts and all names and forms.  Although You 

are within everything and everything is within You, still, You encompass and transcend all, 

including Transcendence.  The more we think of You our consciousness is purified and we 

Love You again, above all else;  in so doing, we love others as we love ourselves.

We think of on You as the Greatest, existing eternally as the Ever Present Supreme 

Morality.  You are present Now in, and beyond, Everything and Nothing.  We think of You 

as not just Great, You are  the Greatest of the big and the small. 

There is nothing too small for you to pervade;  in fact, You are always here.  Odors, Ether, 

Space, mind, intelligence, ego, all illusions and all levels of awakenings are pervaded 

and transcended by You.  We think all of us can benefit from knowing You, our 

relationship with You, and how we can always think of You.

 We meditate on You as the Witness of the Silence, Space, and All. Thank You for showing

 us how to be in constant remembrance of You.  In this endeavor, our consciousness 

is purified of wicked thoughts.  Those are the thoughts which subvert our original Divine 

Morality and cause us to fall into wicked deeds.  

Our suffering comes from our wicked deeds.  Persons, places, things, circumstances, and 

other natural occurrences, are instruments through which our own Karma returns to us.  

To awaken from Maya and free ourselves from Karma, we do all as offering to You who 

are within but always outside of Karma and Maya.

Thank You for Your involvement in all aspects of our life. We were not receiving Your 

blessings, as well as we could have, because we were in forgetfulness of You.  We were mis-

educated and did not know the art and science of  really helping ourselves by always 

remembering You.  Thank You for advising us to always think of You.  

We have experience that this spiritual practice of always thinking of You really works.  

Certainly, we can be awakened from Maya by always thinking of You.  We need Your 

intervention because we cannot resolve all the vast and variegated problems put in our 

path by our own doings, our Karma without help from You, our Supreme Being.  

Thank You for showing us how to awaken from Maya by always thinking of  You.  

Calling out Your Name/Names, and offering everything to You, we seek refuge with You. 

Steadily and increasingly, we remember You. There is nothing, except for You.  For us, You 

are the solution to the problems facing our existence in the various universes.  Thank You 

for helping us to remember You.  We are increasingly able to do this while awake, during 

sleep, dream states, and deep sleep states of  existence

  We meditate on You as the Witness of Silence, Space, and all.  You are the Indivisible, 

Undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute, eternally within and beyond Nothing and Everything.

We meditate on You as our Very own Eternally Perfectly, United, Supreme Being, the 

Eternal, Supreme Awareness of  Silence and all witnesses. 

Thank You for accepting our humble service to You.  The essence of this service is to 

always think of You, to keep the mind fixed on You, and to be filled with You.  This 

spiritual practice has blessed us to be consciously in the light of Your Eternal Omnipresent 

Peace, in the midst of the frustrations of the illusory worlds.

We think of You as the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent One, without a second. 

There is nothing, no-thing, except You. The only One, above and far beyond  Karma and 

contamination is You.  The One who pervades and transcends all space, all sorts of rarefied 

air, fully conscious in this moment, is You.  We meditate on You as the Supreme Witness  of 

this moment.

We think of You as our Eternal Supreme Being the Most Pure Energy, Divine Intelligence, 

Indivisible, Supreme Absolute.  This website is a deferential offering to You, our Supreme 

Example of Righteousness, our Best Moral Guide, and Teacher who Saints pray to and 

come to for knowledge and right understanding.  You are within, encompass, and beyond 

all Sentient Beings and Being throughout the Blue Blackness of Space within which 

Galaxies appear, exist, and dissolve.  

Through You, this offering is submitted to our Ancestors, our Mother, Father, Siblings, our 

Descendants and to our Children, who have suffered so much so that we would have the 

time to travel, research, and bring this knowledge back home as an offering You.  We think 

of You as before the beginning, during the middle, and after the end.  Thank You for 

accepting this humble offering of praise and thanksgiving.

We think of  You as the Greatest, Most Righteous Consciousness, inside and

beyond all, including particles, vibrations, stillness, space and time. Thank You for 

teaching us how to meditate at the Sixth Chakra on You as Silence and the Ultimate 

Witness of all.

There is no thing, that can omit You.  You are everywhere, all the time and beyond.  To be 

clearer, the very clearest:  Without You even nothing cannot exist.  Truly, You are the 

beginning, the middle, the end, and evermore.  Except for You, there is only You.  Even 

after Nothing, there is You.  You are before and after Nothing;  the Reason it exists, is You.  

Thank You for accepting our humble  attempts of praising You.

We think of You as our Eternal, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Divine Being.  

 You are the Source, Substance, and Sum of All Pervasive, Eternal Peace, the Supreme 

Self or Supreme Being of all.  We think of  You as the Omnipresent Love, giving our 

life meaning and purpose.  There is no-thing to be said, had, or done, without being 

witnessed by You.  Yes, Nothing exists, being witnessed by You.

We are truly grateful to You for showing us how to purify our consciousness and correct 

 our faults by remembering You.  Remembering You is our life line by which we awaken  

ourselves completely out of Maya's ocean of suffering.  Finally, we are reunited, 

consciously, with You.

We think of You as the Be All and End All of life, Moral Absolute Holiness.  Knowledge of  

You, always thinking of You and meditating on You, are our primary means of attaining 

You.  Always thinking of You and meditating on You are our best means.  You are our 

Greatest Benefit, our Best End.  Thank You for helping us to be aware of Your Loving

 Presence in this moment.

 The more we know and love You, the foundation of all love, the more we know, 

understand, and love all sentient beings.  The root cause of our spiritual, egoistic, 

intellectual, mental, and physical malnourishment, illusion, and suffering is forgetfulness 

of You.  As we awaken to sanity we see that the self is in quality one with You.  It is 

Awareness, pervading and transcending consciousness, ego, intellect, mind, and body.   

As we change the way we see the self, from physical to metaphysical, calling out Your 

Names and offering to You everything, there is real change.  We gradually purify our 

consciousness of wickedness by cleansing It of evil thoughts.  Gradually, we cease wicked 

deeds and come back to harmony with You, the Supreme Witness of the Eternal Peace 

and Purity of the universe.  

As we awaken back to You, we naturally come back into harmony with the laws of nature 

and are increasingly in ever greater harmony with all Sentient Beings.  Thank You for all 

You are doing to help us awaken to our ever greater, more tranquil reality.  In this way, we 

are relieving our lives from the suffering of Maya.

We think of You as our Divine Teacher,  Leader,  Inspiration and Guide in all matters.  

 You are our Supreme Being, our Anchor, the Source, our Quintessential Ancestor, Mother, 

Father, Siblings, Children,  and Descendants.  The solutions to all of our  problems is to 

take refuge, shelter, in You.  To know and love You, the Source of our spiritual and 

cultural heritage, positive transformation and Divine development, is the goal of our life. 

 As many of us already know, from personal observation, experience and history, there is 

no lasting security and complete comfort to be had in the worlds of  Maya.  To solve our 

problems, trials and tribulations inherent in the illusory worlds of  Maya, Our goal, our 

solution, all that is wholesome and good, is complete union with You.

 When the consciousness is infected with those dreadful poisons lust anger, and greed, we 

are in that illusion, called Maya.  In that state of insanity, we are thinking the self is a body, 

mind, intellect, or ego.  Thank You for helping us to see the self, as Pure Awareness, looking 

out through the body from the third Eye, Sourced in You, the Source of all Energy and 


 Conversely, when our consciousness is purified of those three brigands and we have 

returned to sane and sober consciousness, we see the Self as the Eternal 

Witness/Awareness of the worlds inside and outside of Maya.  Inside of Maya is more or 

less Hell, a place of suffering where repeated birth and death are taking place.  

We think of You as Eternal Awareness.  Doing everything in remembrance of You, 

enlightens us and solves our problems.  It brings us back into complete union with You.  

This is Freedom.  This is Peace, real luxury.  This is home, where we belong, outside of 


We think of You as the Absolute Unity, the Source of the Metaphysical Focus within and 

beyond all images, around whom we unite within ourselves and others.  In the analysis of 

the creation, maintenance, and annihilation, we see that all is in You.  

Yet, You are beyond all. Thank You for helping us be healthy, clean, strong, cognitive, and 

always drawing consciously nearer to You.  We say consciously, because we can never be 

separate from You.  It is simply under the power of Maya, powered by the intoxicants: 

Lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness, and envy, that we think we are separated from You, 

and consequently, we think we are separated from each other.

We take refuge in You to be free from Maya. The beginning of taking refuge/shelter in You 

and reuniting with You, is to always think of You.  We do this by calling out Your name, 

knowing You pervade and transcend all names, and we offer/ submit, everything to You.  

We think of You as incomparable.  There is no second with whom we can compare You.

The beginning of taking refuge/shelter in You and reuniting with You, is to always think of 

You.  We do this by calling out Your name, knowing You pervade and transcend all names, 

and we offer/ submit, everything to You.  We think of You as incomparable.  There is no 

second with whom we can compare You.

Constant remembrance of You is, to us, seeking first Your Kingdom and Your 

Righteousness, and thereby having all the best, virtues included, added unto us.

This to us is real redemption, getting off the Merry- go - Round of Karma, and awakening 

to freedom from the frustrating strain, pain, the sin, the suffering, and bondage of Maya.


All that we think, feel, will, say, and  do, we do as an offering to You.  This is

submission.  This is service. This is our  offering.  This is the beginning of our surrendering

all to You.  All of our  confusions, our pain, our success, frustration, our gains, we

surrender to You.  Even our awakening from Maya, we offer to You.

Remembering You is how we are taking refuge in You from the wiles of wickedness, 

including our own.  Every breath, we offer to You.  We submit all to You.  This, to us, is the 

process and the practice of always thinking of You, turning from our wicked ways.  As this 

purification process is happening, we are re-entering Your Eternal Kingdom of  Truth, 

Righteousness, Love and Peace.  We are coming back home to You.  

This site, everlastingomnipresentpeace.com,  contains a vision, a spiritual experience, and 

an educational system.  It is a reasonable, nonviolent, working solution that will free 

us from the suffering of  Maya, the ultimate, heartless, slave master.  

Moreover, the knowledge offered here is practical  It is something we can do now to solve 

the real age-old problems of birth, disease, old-age, and death, and all the ramifications 

therefrom.  Point of fact, while we are solving those problems, we are returning to the 

Nectarean Bliss of You Omnipresent Reality.

Our most beautiful goal and aim of life is You.  Our most precious possession  is  our

faint memories of  You.  Gradually, as we fix our mind on You, the memories of You come  

ever stronger to our slowly clearing consciousness.

 Now, our belief in You, based on our personal knowledge, observation, and experience, is 

unshakable.  We know that at the core of the character and sense of decency in the 

universe, is You.  We think of You as the Source of all Upright Character, Propriety, 

and Angelic Dignity.

We think of You as the light within and beyond the darkness, twilight, and the 

dawn.  We meditate on You as the Supreme Witness/Awareness of all, including the Silence, 

Space, Birth, Death, and Rebirth.  This includes the Cosmic Manifestations.  

You are our Most Righteous and Loving Guide, the Supreme Self, the Common Soul of all.  

The goal of our life is knowledge of, and conscious union with You again.  This is our 

original Divine  Nature.  This is Home.  Here is where we truly belong.

You are, always have been, always will be One.  Supreme Being is One by definition.   We 

think of You as the One and only Source of our  Freedom, Justice, Equality and Peace. 

You pervade and transcend all  creation, maintenance, and destruction. 

We think of  You as immanent and transcendent throughout the Cosmic Manifestation.  All 

sentient and insentient beings are pervaded, encompassed, and transcended by You.  We 

meditate on You as Now; Everything is within You.  You are within and beyond all. 

Spiritual, egoistic, intellectual, mental, and physical healing take place, and sanity returns, 

to the degree we revolutionize the way we see the self.  The Self is the Vital Force, Spirit or 

Pure Energy, in quality one with You.  We think no achievement is more purposeful and 

useful than to come back to union with You again.


Book: Swami Ranganathananda Review: Satyendra Nath Dwived

Brahman is infinite and indivisible. It is the nature of Pure Consciousness. It is in all of us, 

and therefore we can realize It. We have to try to trace our origin which is that Pure 

Consciousness within our body. We have to do it in this life itself, in this body itself – 

‘Ihaiva’ – here itself and just now. This is the philosophy of the Upanishads – very rational, 

extremely practical and highly spiritual.


Book: Swami Ranganathananda Review: Satyendra Nath Dwivedi PART 3 Yajnavalkya 

Kand (Cont.) 

“He said: O Gargi! The knowers of Brahman say this Immutable (Brahman) is that.  It is   

neither gross nor minute, neither short nor long, neither red color nor oiliness, neither 

shadow nor darkness, neither air nor space, unattached, neither savor nor odor, without 

eyes or ears, without the vocal organ or mind, non-luminous, without the vital force or 

mouth, not a measure, and without interior or exterior. It does not eat anything, nor is It 

eaten by anybody.” [Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 3.8.8]

 We meditate on You as the Eternal, Changeless, Consciousness or Awareness, within and 

above the changing body, mind, intellect, ego, and other Cosmic Manifestations.  

 This reality of Your  immanence and transcendence is beyond polytheism, 

monotheism, personalism, impersonalism, transpersonalism, and any other ism.

Thank You for inspiring us to make this and all of our submissions to You alone.


All our praise is to You alone. 

 Thank You for helping us to always think of You as the One Omnipresent Supreme Being.  

Thus, we are  able to meditate on You, here, now, as Consciousness and Awareness, and 

Awareness of consciousness and awareness.  Gradually, we come back to Awareness of  

Your One Immanence and Transcendence which pervades and transcends everything we 

think of as "I" "Me" or "Mine".

All praise is due to You alone.  You are our only and Greatest Teacher.  You have no

equals nor partners.  We take refuge in You  by always thinking of  You, meditating on You, 

becoming Your devotee, worshipping You and offering all our homages to You.  

All that we think, feel, will, say, and do, we do as as surrender, offering, submission, service 

to You.  This is the way we take refuge in You. Thank You for continuing  to purify us with 

Your self- improving association.  Thank You for protecting us from anything or being that 

could distract us from always thinking of You and meditating on You.  All praise is due 

to You  alone.  

You are the Most Magnificent One.  Keeping the mind fixed on You wards off evil 

thoughts.  Warding off evil thoughts keeps off evil feelings, willing and doing.  Moreover, 

keeping the thoughts focused  on You purifies the consciousness which in turn purifies the 

thinking, feelings willing, and doing.  

We think of You as within and beyond visible and invisible.  By thinking of You we purify 

our consciousness.  Righteous  deeds  emanate  from purified consciousness.  Doing 

righteous deeds as submissions to You brings us back to You.  We think of You as the 

Eternal and unchanging Supreme One, always everywhere.

Thank You for making it plain.  Thank You for accepting our humble submissions of  

Praise,  Glorification, and Thanksgiving.  Thank You thousands of  times for advising us to 

always think of You.  This is the message of Our Word, a way out of Maya.

We had fallen into body consciousness, the ancient, rural  pigsty, and forgotten You.  

Always thinking of You, concentrating on You,  and meditating on You, is helping us.  It 

is raising us, cleansing us of a wretched condition of existence, and bringing us back to You, 

the Eternal, Most Clean and Exceptionally Pure, state of  Supreme Being.

Our spiritual practice consists of, and revolves around, always thinking of You and 

meditating on You.  This is done by praising and thanking You, calling out Your names and 

submitting everything to You:  Our  thoughts, our pains, our  pleasures our gains.  All that 

we do,  all that we offer or give away, all austeries we may perform, everything we do, we 

do as an offering or submission to You. 

With gratitude, praise, and glorification to You alone, we come to You, and no 

one else, for help.  Pervading and transcending all, Your help is  always near.  Your 

help is always here helping us to be our very best self.  Your help is Everlasting 

Omnipresent Peace, available to us here, now.

  Keeping our mind on You, by always thinking of You and meditating on You, we begin the 
sacred process of  purifying our consciousness of anger, lust, and greed, the poisons which intoxicate and delude our minds.  As we purify our minds of the intoxicants, by always thinking of You, we consciously turn from our wicked ways and reconnect with Your 
Eternal Love, the Greatest help of all.

We meditate on You as Silence and the Supreme Awareness of all.  With our inner eye and 
ear, we see and hear the Great Silence, and we see Awareness being aware of the Silence.  
This is meditating on Silence.  Abiding as Awareness, being aware of Silence and 
Awareness, is our meditation practice.

By degrees we are enlightened and guided internally and externally with the knowledge 

that eradicates ignorance, especially that ignorance which forces us to believe that the self 

is a material body, mind, intellect, some sort of duality, or an illusory device called ego. 

Those physical concepts of the self are subject to change and dissolution; they do not exist, 

they have no endurance.  You, the undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute, the One at the 

foundation of all awareness, are the only reality.  Except for You, all else is illusion, Maya. 

We think of You as the Source of Wisdom and Virtuous Guidance.  Gaining greater 

experience of You by always thinking of You, we are experiencing real freedom 

from the insatiable desires to gratify the senses.  The eyes, ears, nose, tongue, stomach, and 

genitals; mind, intellect, and ego are the senses.  

 The more we think of you and are purified, the better we know that we cannot attain 

lasting satisfaction through those senses because we are not the body, senses, 

mind, intellect, nor ego.  We are Eternal Soul, Pure Awareness of Energy, in quality One 

with You, the Supreme Awareness of all energy and awareness.  Our soul food is our 

spiritual practice of always thinking of You.

We can be free from the repressive, exploitative, enslaving conditions of  Maya.  Those 

conditions are sticky, entangling, and a web of illusory energy.  To the degree we have 

turned from the illusory identification of the self with the body, senses, mind, intellect, and 

ego, and consciously, turned back within, back to You, we can be free.

When we finally tire of the search for sense gratification, turn and start looking out 

from within, from the Pineal Gland, then we are coming back home, coming back 

to the Self, back to You.   Our Source, our Savior, our Redeemer, our Everything is 

You.   We meditate on You as our Silence and our Awareness of everything, including Silence.

When we began living once more, conscious of You as our Glorious, Transcendental

 Illuminating, Loving Presence we have returned from the "Dead." We  have been 

born again.  As we come back to life,  we begin experiencing the natural Fulfillment 

and Peace that had eluded us, had been impossible to attain, in our futile quest 

for sense gratification.

The beginning of this coming back home process happens as we to begin seeing the self 

as consciousness or spirit temporarily inhabiting a material body.  Simultaneously

we engage the mind in always thinking of You and meditating on You.  We think of You 

as the One, Most Pure Energy, who is within and beyond all images, places, and things.  

Surely, we think of  You as our anchor, our strength, our Samaritan, and our 

Supreme Source of all knowledge, strength, fame, beauty, wealth, renunciation, and all 

other good fortune.  Thank You for teaching us how to always  think of You, how to 

concentrate on You, and how to meditate on You.  By fixing the mind on You, and changing 

the "Image/Concept" of the Self from material to Spiritual, we come  back to You. 

We think of You as our eternally Most Enlightened state of  Being.  Thank You over and 

over again or teaching us how to always think of You.   Always thinking of  You, we learn

to meditate on You.  Meditating on You, we remember  and experience You.   

Remembering and experiencing You, we gradually see You everywhere, in everything, as 

the complete Leader always  available to help us solve problems of life.  Those 

difficulties have their roots in birth, disease, old-age, and death.  You are the grand 

solution, the antidote, our way out of an abnormal and corrupt life.  All praise  is due to You alone. 

By degrees, we return to Pure Stillness, our original state of  Uncontaminated, Witness

 Awareness.  This  is the indivisible undifferentiated, Divine Supreme Absolute, beyond all 

states of consciousness and awareness.  Here, we experience and unite with the bliss 

and infinite tranquility of  You.  All things and no thing/nothing, the Supreme Unity in all 

diversity, our own Divine, Supreme Being is  You.  

We do not have to save the world.  We do not have to wait until everyone else is ready.  We 

can think of You right now, meditate on You, and begin to live again in our universe of Peace.   You who pervade, and are beyond, every ray of light and every vibration.  You are our earliest condition of existence, and You are available here in this moment.

 Everlasting Omnipresent Peace is our original state of  Divine Stillness of Being, beyond

being and nonbeing and any other duality.  This Peace can only be experienced. 

 It permeates and is simultaneously  beyond body, senses, mind, intellect, and ego.  Here

before,  during, and after the creation, maintenance and annihilation of 

the Cosmic manifestations,  this  Peace exists eternally.  This is Everlasting,

Omnipresent, Peace.  This Thou Art.

You pervade earth and heavens. We think of You as  our Redeemer, our Divine and 

Supreme Super Soul, the Incomparable Consciousness,  Chief Spirit, Unparalleled Being, 

our Peerless Awareness.  The primary business of our life is to rejoin You, consciously, 

here in this world of eternity, knowledge, and bliss.

  We meditate on You as  here in the sky somewhere  and everywhere.  we meditate on You 

as living within all sentient and seemingly insentient  Beings.  We meditate on You 

as pervading and transcending all energy, all space,  and beyond ones ability to 

conceive.  We meditate on You as pervading  and transcending all.  No 

matter how big or small, throughout  the universe and beyond the beyond, ad infinitum. 

 Truly, we meditate on You as the Greatest.

We think of  You as our Omnipresent, Omniscient, Eternal, Divine Supreme Being of 

numerous names and no name at all,  Welcome to Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.  We are 

making a Positive difference in our lives by Chanting Your names, praising You, 

submitting all to You and meditating on You.

 In this spiritual process, we are offering a very ancient, yet very new, refining and 

salvation of self and others.  Gradually, we are seeing, there is  no other.  There is only You 

alone. This spiritual practice revolves around prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right 

association, and meditation, with You at the center.  This is articulated quite extensively 

throughout  Out Word.

We are, by Your Grace, constantly endeavoring to think of You and meditate on You more.  

We think of You as the One without a second,  the Source of all light, inner illumination,  

practical power, illumination, and self-cultivation.  We evermore thoughtfully manage and 

cultivate our life the more we fix our mind on You and think of You, as the Source of 

our  progress and right behavior.  

We improve ourselves and raise our nation, here, and now as we always think of You and 

meditate on You.  Our reawakening begins and continues to progress the more we engage 

in the spiritual purification practice of always thinking of You.  This is the Sadhana, the 

spiritual practice, articulated here at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com. 

We think of You as the Never Fallen One and our Greatest decency, our Highest Good,  

manifesting in different degrees through all persons and personalities.  To the degree ones 

Pineal Gland and consciousness are purified, to that degree do Your Divine qualities  and 

attributes manifest in that consciousness, also called person or personality. 

 Thank You for showing us how we can constantly remember You, meditate on You, cleanse 

our consciousness and rise back to You.   Otherwise, we stagnate and move back or fall 

down into lower  consciousness and Maya, the illusory energy, again.

Birth, disease, old-age, and death have their roots in the basic problem of self-

misidentification.  In our  deep ignorance, we are identifying the self as material, sensual, 

mental, intellectual, or ego.  This is wrong, gross mis-education, and the root cause of our 

suffering.  The way out of suffering, Maya, is to get true knowledge of Self. 

 Self is Spirit, free from all designations, in quality One with the One Supreme 


This One, Our Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Everlasting, Supreme Spirit/Energy, is One.  It 

is known by the Arabs as Allah, by the East Indians as Brahman, by the Buddhists as 

Buddha Nature, by the Christians as G d, and by many other names throughout the 

universe.  This One, beyond all names, we know also as Gye 


Reawakening to True Awakening, conscious union with You, is the purpose of this 

revolutionary knowledge that is presented to us at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com.  It is 

spiritual knowledge designed to bring about a quiet, nonviolent, spiritual revolution in 

the consciousness, of those who are materially satiated. 

Those who  have more or less maxed out at the various levels of material sense 

gratifications instinctively feel that there must be more to life, a better way of life , than 

the futile quest to fulfill insatiable desires for sense gratification.

The more we are in union with You, the more we are in union with ourselves, and each 

other. A house united within itself stands.  So, by teaching us how to save ourselves, by 

unfolding our original Love, which is You, everlastingomnipresentpeace.com passes on to 

us an ancient method of freeing ourselves from bodily identification with its slavery to the 

insatiable demands of  the senses.  This freedom is conscious reunion with You, the Source 

of all that has been, will be, and is.

We meditate on You as the Supreme Observer, the Source of the Best Understanding, all 

Good Fortune, Happiness, Security, and the Greatest Love. Thank You for allowing us to 

associate with You by always thinking of  You and meditating on You.  Thank You for 

helping us awaken to the true consciousness of the Self as Eternal, Infinite Spirit, beyond 

all designations. Thank You, evermore, for keeping us in Your path of  Truth, Righteous, 

Love, and Peace.

We meditate on You as our Divine Supreme Being, pervading and transcending all the 

worlds of which You and You alone are the creator, maintainer, and annihilator.  We 

meditate on You as Pure Spirit/Consciousness, the Most Righteous, the Most High, the 

Most Kind, the Most Compassionate; the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and the Most 

Beneficial for all worlds.  Above You there is no one to be praised. No one is to be praised 

other than You, the Greatest of all.

The external material world is temporary and full of suffering.  It is Maya's web, more or 

less hell.  Conversely, The Spiritual World  pervades and transcends all worlds, internal 

and external.   This Spiritual World  is eternal, full of  knowledge and bliss.  It is our 

Source, our Home, our Divine Destiny.  It is the Eternal Source of the Bliss from which we 

have fallen.

Souls, who are really coming into spiritual consciousness, know that a palace, wealth, or 

good physical health does not guarantee freedom from suffering, or real Peace.   True 

Peace, is our natural state.  It is transcendental, Divine, Eternally free from any kind of 

physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual vexation, contamination, or designation.  

Like Love, Peace can never be made.  It is the original, natural state of  space  before 

galaxies  come into being, real Peace is always here for everyone.  This is You, the light 

that never diminishes. 

We meditate on You as Everlasting Omnipresent Peace, the Most Pure, the  One in the 

many and the One who is within and beyond the many, and is experienced as we detach 

from the material world, see the self  as spirit, and engage in the process of cleaning our 

Pineal gland.  Purification of the Pineal gland is the basis of  purification of  consciousness. 

This spiritual cultivation and development of the Pineal Gland is done by always 

thinking of  You, and meditating on You, our Supreme Being.  As our consciousness is 

purified by virtue of  Your association, our very vibration contributes to the edification, 

purification, and unification of  Sentient Beings in our universe.


 May our love and service for You be evermore steadfast, unselfish, and pure. In this way, 

may we be totally devoted to You, the Most Kind, and in so doing may we give our very 

best to Ancestors, Mother, Father, Teachers, Siblings, Children, and Descendants. 

We thank You for our Mother and Father.  Mother encouraged us, through words and 

example, to trust You, read and to help ourselves and others.  Father and his parents, 

encouraged us, again through words and example, to read, to think critically, observe, 

 pray, listen to edifying music, to others, study our History, and clean our "Heart."  Mother 

and Dad taught us that kindness, goodness, and mercy follow clean heart and right spirit. 


Our children and our descendants inspire us to strive relentlessly to leave them the best 

knowledge of Self. This produces for them and their descendants the very best reality, the 

highest quality of life, the reality of Oneness with You.

Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.com is conversation with You alone, not with those who 

are yet spiritually blind, satisfied with what they  know through knowledge and 

observation and not seeking the Truth and experience of  union with You.

We are stable, concentric, and at Peace to the degree we are in remembrance of You. 

Thank You for showing us the way to eternal joy and peace. By calling out Your name and 

offering You everything, we remembering You and remain centered and stable in the midst 

of the vulgarities, and other chaotic vicissitudes of life.

A cultivated knower and experiencer of Self, though respecting all beings due to the ability 

to see and serve You in all, will never accept an inferior position,  psychological or

otherwise, to a less cultivated individual, place, or thing. Those with the greatest and best

knowledge of Self, in Truth and practice, are the most cultivated, understanding and

compassionate, under You, the Greatest of all. 

We know, from Sages, Saints, Prophets, Scriptures, and personal experience, that it is due

to the cleanliness of our consciousness and the decalcification of our Pineal Gland that we 

can follow Your righteous guidance and thus realize our maximum potential.  W

meditate on You as the Power, Intelligence, and Love, above whom there is none; Nothing.

The Pineal Gland must be decalcified and the consciousness must be cleansed, cultivated, 

and developed for us, the soul, to realize its original, eternal life of absolute bliss and 

knowledge, its maximum potential. This is You. Everything else, can be beautiful;  however, 

all beauty and Eternal Perfection has its origin in You.  We meditate on You as the 

reservoir of all beauty and perfection.

Thank You for showing us how to remove the veil of ignorance and selfishness from our

consciousness by always thinking of You and meditating on You. Now, through direct 

experience, we are living evermore in our original state of Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace, the 

One Quintessential Truth. Thank You evermore for inspiring us to seek Truth, relentlessly, 

and to be of ever better service to the universe by always improving our service to You.

We think of You as the only One who is within and beyond the supernatural and the 

superstitious and all levels of consciousness.  For all righteous guidance given by You to us, 

please accept our heartfelt homage and service. Through our offerings to You, may we 

contribute to the spiritual edification, the most beneficial spiritual cultivation of all sentient 

beings. Verily, to us, remembrance and the experience of You is the greatest blessing of all.

We think of  You as the Unconditional and Absolute Love.  You are always inspiring us 

to do what is right and beneficial for all.  We meditate on You as the Silence and Its 

Supreme Witness.  You are the greatest force that keeps us stable, centered, balanced and 

ever more united within our consciousness and awareness with You.  Thank You for 

showing us the crucial importance of remembering You.

Real Peace, is You.  Regardless of their status or so-called designation in the universe,

it is You and You alone, who are the Source of health, Wealth, and all other auspiciousness. 

We think of You as the breath of  life, consciousness, and everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace, 

the One Real Love of  all, in all, encompassing all, and beyond all, including