Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Welcome to Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

Our Word


A Prescription and a Therapy for what is ailing us:  Our identifying with the body, mind, 

intellect, and ego as the self.  Our Word is Indigenous Spirituality.  This is the foundation 

for the Revival and Rebuilding of our Original, Individual, Spiritual Consciousness and 

Awareness;  Thus changing our present negative thinking and behavior to the 

quintessence of positive thinking and behavior so that we can most intelligently and 

properly live and attain our greatest potential.

Indigenous Spirituality is recognition of the fact that everything is related and living 

because It shares the same Eternal Energy, Spirit, or Soul.  Pervading and transcending

 all vibration and all consciousness, this Most Subtle Energy is never created nor 

destroyed.  It is  recognized and revived in the individual through the Science of  Self-


 Self-knowledge is complete realization of our profoundest and ultimate aspiration.


 It is identified as knowledge of the Eternal, Pure Awareness, pervading and 

transcending all individuals, persons, places, and things throughout the Cosmic 

ManifestationsSelf-knowledge is a return to our original integrity:  Complete

realization of, and Eternal Union with, our Ancient, Sovereign, and Most Sacred

 Spiritual Awareness.


Hymns and Thanksgiving to You, (NTR) The Most Great.


Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Aum bha.  Namo Namaha


We think of You as the One Eternal, Divine, Supreme Force, pervading and

 transcending feminine, masculine, and neuter.   You are within and beyond 

insults and honor, birth and death.  Images cannot contain You, yet You contain 

all images.  Castes, creeds, colors, all genders, religions,  likenesses, birth, death, 

and rebirth are within You.  Simultaneously, You are within and beyond them.


You are the One Eternal, Omniscient,  Omnipotent,  Omnipresent,  Divine  Supreme

Being, the Ultimate Knower, within and beyond the Awareness of all, including the

dualities I, and AM.  The Source of all intelligence, upliftment and empowerment, You are 

the Supreme Awareness of  Awareness Itself.


"Please pardon some of  our sources for their use of the masculine

 gender when referring to You.   We know from observation and 

experience  that You are beyond all genders.   No name, no form, 

no personality can  fully contain You.  

All are contained within You.  You contain all, and You are within

 and beyond all.  Empty or full, death or life cannot fully contain or in 

any way control You.  Surrounding and  beyond within and without,

 above and below, truly you are pervading and transcending all

 opposites, dualities and personalities.  


You are the most subtle, finer  than the  subtlest  energy;  encompassing all, 

You are within and beyond all.  You are the only One fit or worthy of worship.  Of the 

great, You  are the Greatest.

As we awaken and remember You, we think of You as pervading and transcending

 all explosions and implosions,  macro and micro.   Thank You for showing us how to

 cleanse our consciousness and awareness to see, with equal vision, You, underlying,

 pervading,  and transcending all species, cultures, abilities, religions, and systems of 



We see that Awareness, more subtle than the space between thoughts and the 

frequencies of Silence, within and beyond non-luminous and luminous, is calmly and 

dispassionately listening and observing everything, including this experience of Silence and 

of Itself as Awareness. Thank You for helping us to come back to our original Honor and

                    Respect for Righteousness and a longing for conscious Union with You.

By this association with the experience of Silence, our consciousness becomes Quiet, Clean, 

and Still again.  In this process of meditating on Silence, we are using Stillness to return to 

Supreme Stillness.  Our means and ends are synonymous.  Thank You for being here as the 

Eternally Consistent Foundation upon which we reawaken to our Divine Consciousness.  

Thus, we solve the source of the problems that confront us, lack of knowledge of Self.


We think of You as Eternally Clean, Preeminent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, and 

Omnipotent.  By thinking of You, concentrating on You and meditating on You as 

This  Silence, and the Awareness of all, we purify our consciousness and awareness.  

Gradually we overcome body, mind, intellectual, and ego consciousness, with their 

insatiable desires, and come back to consciousness with You, our One, Eternal, 

Supreme Awareness, within, encompassing,  above, and the greatest satisfaction and 

fulfillment of all.


From within awareness, we personally experience and comprehend Your reality as our

 consciousness and awareness are cleansed, purified, and harmonized with You.  This is 

done by our spiritual practice of always thinking of You. 

 Thank You for working with us, helping us to see and apply the many ways and means

 we can always think of You.  Gradually we awaken out of Maya, and return to You,

Supreme Enlightenment.


Thoughts of righteousness come from consciousness purified by compassion, love, and 

charity.  Those three are fed into consciousness primarily by the edifying education, 

entertainment, and spirituality that is accepted and promoted by enlightened, 

purified society that is totally honest. 


Society is degraded or elevated by the quality of thoughts that are fed to it.

The most purifying thoughts are thoughts of You.   We think of You as the Source

 of all thoughts,  and the most edifying thoughts are thoughts about Your Truth, 

Your Righteousness, Your Love, and Your Peace.  Our Word  is about engendering 

edifying, purifying, thoughts as humble offerings to You, for the betterment of all 



Service to You, the Most Righteous, Supreme Spirit, Energy, 

or Soul, is Service to All. 

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gayatri. 

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. 

       Thank You Gye Nyame.