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Welcome to Our Word

This is a plan of action for purification and

 cultivation of our noblest character, a way out of suffering. 

  We are doing this by remembering You, our Supreme Being.

Through greater conscious union with You, we are gaining

willpower, and freedom, awakening out of Maya, the ocean of 


 You are our Eternal, Most Excellent, Immanent and Transcendent, 

Divine Source of Energy, Frequency, Vibration and Purity of Culture.

You are known by many names, yet within and beyond all names. For this

  presentation, Our Wordwe are addressing You by the name GYE N YAME.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mungu Ni Moja: "Supreme Being is ONE" Kiswahili language.

GYE N YAME: " Supreme Being is Omnipotent, Omnipresent,

and Omniscient " Akan language.

Adinkra symbol meaning, " Gye N YAME, the Indivisible,

Undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute is the ONE and only

reality.  All else is illusion; it does not exist, has no endurance."


Our Word consists of Praise and

Thanksgiving to You, our Supreme

Being. You are worthy of praise and

should be praised much.

Our Word is a Praise Contribution

to You for awakening us to our

Divine Nature.


This awakening is accomplished by

Thinking of You, Remembering You,

and Meditating on You as the

Omnipresent, Eternal Light of Divine


Aum, Eye of Horus, Sacred Blue Lotus flower,  Ankh.


Our Word is an offering of Indigenous

Spirituality to You, the Knower of the

Light of our Divine Intelligence.  You 

are the absolute Knower of everything 

and that includes no-thing.


We are remembering You by Offering, 

Surrendering, Serving, Submitting, all

 we think, feel, will, say, and do to You, 

first.  Our service to You, the Eternal 

Light of Divine Omniscience within all,

is our service to all.

(Hear also John Coltrane,  "A Love Supreme,"  recorded live in Seattle, October 1965.)

Our Word is an Offering to You, the Greatest. 

It consists of revelations and research shared 

freely for our Cultural Refinement, 

Inspiration, Spiritual Healing and Divine 



There is no "There" where we need to go.

We are always Here. Knowing and

experiencing You, as our Eternal,

Omnipresent, Light of Divine

Intelligence, is the purpose of our

endeavors here at


Our Word is a Praise and Thanksgiving

narrative about You, The Light of Divine

Intelligence. You are also also known as

Allah, Gye N yame, Supreme Being, God,

Ngai, Brahman, Buddha Nature, Mungu,

Atum, and by many other names.


We know You by many names and by no 

name at all.  Our "Roots" begin, grow,

 and end in You, who we know as our

 own Light of Divine Intelligence. We 

improve ourselves by remembering You. 

 This is associating with You, purifying 

ourselves and uniting with You ever 



We know You as our Foremost Being,

within and beyond the Most Gross, and

simultaneously, You are the Supreme of

Subtle Energies, Vibrations, and

Frequencies; within and beyond all. 


Our purpose, thinking, and our action

are being properly generated, organized,

and mobilized. This is happening to the

degree our knowledge, consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence

are in alignment, in union with You.


Indigenous Spirituality, our understanding

of History, and our experience, declares that

You, the Most Perfect, within and beyond all,

are always here, and more than enough.

Indigenous Spirituality is recognition of

the fact that everything is related and

living because of Your Omnipresence.


Moreover, our Historical research,

observation and experience, goes on

to inform us that You are the Eternal,

Unity, pervading and transcending all

   levels and diversities of thought, forms,

consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence. You, the Undiminishable 

    Light of Divine Intelligence, are always

 with us.


We think of, contemplate, and meditate on

You as the unfathomable and indefatigable,

pervading and transcending the totality of

all intentions, creations, maintenance,

and destruction.  


As we remember You, we reawaken to

the Eternal Light of our own Divine

Intelligence. This is within and

beyond thought, consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence. 


 We are remembering You, awakening 

and returning to our Blissful and 

Tranquil state of Being.  

You are the Source of all Ancestors, 

and all Ordinary, Extraordinary, and

 Supreme Personalities.


We are remembering You as a result

of our good Karma, our research,

meditation, observation, experience,

reflection, intuition, and our spiritual

practice of offering all to You.

Increasingly, we are seeing You within

and beyond everything.  


We know You and offer to You as our 

Most Enlightened, Unconditioned, and

     Civilized Self. You are within and beyond 

  time, place, space, Ancestors, Teachers,

 Ministers, History,  Science and



As the Light of Divine Intelligence,

You are the Omniscient, Omnipresent,

Omnipotent, Source of Sound, Silence,

the Self and Aum. Serving You and

worshiping You, we are serving and

worshiping all.

All other sorts and levels of Education,

Metaphysics, Morality, Intelligence, and

Enlightenment, are more or less

 infinitesimal sparks of Your infinite


The more we offer to You and remember 

You, the more we experience an

 Unconditional Loving, Soul Restoring, 

Comprehensive Education, based on 

Knowledge of who we really are.

Our Word consists of submissions of

Hymns and Thanksgiving to You, the

Eternal Light of Divine Intelligence

  within all.  You are quietly and 

 diligently pervading and

 transcending our Consciousness, 

Awareness, and Intelligence. 

The more we know about You the more we

know about who we really are. The more

we know about who we really are, the more

we know about You.  Knowledge and

experience of Self is what Our Word,

 is all about.

This is Our Word,

First Class Education in what 

really matters, Union with You. 

It is for our Inspiration, Edification, 

Respiritulization, Resurrection, and Self-

Reclamation, our ongoing Ascension to You,

the Eternal Light of Omnipresent, Omnipotent,

 Divine Omniscience.  This we worship as the Light of Divine

       Intelligence, within yet transcendental to Diversity and Unity.  

Whenever this "Work in progress" sign

appears, it means that all work following

it is being updated and brought into

harmony with current revelations.

Please pardon some of our references for their use of the

masculine gender when referring to You. We know You as

 within and beyond all genders and any other distinctions or 


We are striving for perfection. If you see something that does

not stand to your reason and common sense, please email:

[email protected]

Our Word is our nonprofit offering to You,our Eternal Light of

 Divine Intelligence, also known as God. It is still a work in progress. 

 The commercials are of YouTube.  

Mungu Ni Moja

 God is One

  (This One is within and beyond, noun, pronoun, and adjective)

         Brother E.O. Peace