Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

Making A Positive Difference In Our Lives

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Welcome to Our Word, knowledge to think on and think over for  our greatest improvement.  Our greatest improvement, according to Our Word, is our return to You, the source of Truth, Righteousness, Love, Freedom, and Peace.  These virtues, as Our Word  articulates them, are unlimited and relate to the greatest, most positive, physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual condition of life.




Our Word encourages us to awaken, rise from our more or less sleeping or dead condition, and improve our lives through the transformative knowledge of Self as Eternal Spirit or Consciousness.  We do this by submitting all we think, feel, will, say, and do to You; not to humanity nor to all sentient beings, but to You.  The root, ground, and growth of all creation is You.  When we submit all our will, all that we feel, say, and do to You, we are serving all sentient beings throughout the cosmic manifestation.

This is resurrection, a return to Enlightenment, our original nature, eternal life of tranquil bliss.




Most of all, Our Word shares with us an ancient method of gaining greater knowledge and experience of Self.  This Self is the Supreme Being, the Substratum of all consciousness.  Known in the Religious and Spiritual traditions of the universe by innumerable names, It is our  Most Righteous, Eternal Leader.  This Supreme Being is referred to in Our Word as You.





We know from research, observation, and experience that the best teachings are done through repetition.  Our Word repeats from many different perspectives, knowing that hearing is the beginning of comprehension, and that knowledge of Self can always increase for the betterment of all.




 Our meager attempts to explain or describe You adequately with words is like trying to describe the "sound" of silence.  We can experience and know it in the light of knowledge, observation, and experience, but never can we adequately picture it in words.



We submit these humble words, Our Word, to You with all the devotional love for You that we have at our command, at this time.  Surely more will come since our consciousness is continually purified as a result of  our association with You.



This "You" is the Supreme Pure, beyond material and spirit, devil and god, agreeable and disagreeable, and all other dualities.  It is the Most Subtle One who pervades and transcends the heavens and earths. 




We are in quality one with You.  As spirit, we too pervade and transcend this material body, mind, intellect, and ego.  Due to our egoism we, the soul, and You the Absolute or Supreme Soul, are seemly separate.



In our  ignorance, in our impurity of consciousness, we erroneously identify the material body, mind, intelligence, and ego, these prison houses of the soul, as the self.  As a consequence of this gross mistake,  we are unconsciousness of You and do not show true comprehension and love for You, ourselves nor  for anyone else.  Thus we continue the cycle of birth, disease, old-age, and death in the illusory words of ignorance, thinking the real to be impossible and the unreal to be real. 




Our Word is an humble effort to remember, to keep You, The Most Pure, The Supreme Being of these Cosmic Manifestations, on our mind.  In the process of keeping You on our mind, our consciousness is purified of  ignorance and the impediments to enlightenment:  identifying the body, mind, intellect, and ego as the self.
s the consciousness is further purified
we are evermore adept at remaining liberated from the clutches of Your illusory energy.



In Our Word, the so-called self is presented as the undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute, which pervades and transcends spirit/energy and matter, tightly packed energy/spirit.   This spirit is not some spook or phantasmagoria, some fairytale told to frighten or otherwise keep one in the ignorance, bondage, and frustration of dystopia.




This Supreme absolute is the eternal, Most Enlightened Awareness, full of unlimited bliss and knowledge.  Never created nor destroyed, 
it is the Peace that pervades and transcends the universe.   By submitting our thinking, feeling, willing, and doing to You, we acquire this undifferentiated, Supreme, Absolute Peace.  This is not only our original nature, it is the nature of the universe.




All praise is to You, the only one worthy of praise.  Our Word is a presentation of ways and means to reach You by changing the way we see the self and by cleansing the consciousness. When we do this, we positively change the way we see the worlds.  When we positively change the way we perceive the worlds, we experience positive change in our worlds.




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